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Liquidity portfolios are changing the way DeFi is used

Liquidity portfolios are changing the way DeFi is used

Decentralized finance (DeFi) 1.0 has been dominated by liquidity pools that mostly consist of a single token pair. As the ecosystem and the technology have further developed, liquidity pools’ inherent drawbacks have become a burden to DeFi users. The idea of token pairs utilized as a liquidity pool required a fundamental overhaul.

To allow mainstream adoption and truly catalyze the manifestation of DeFi 2.0, a paradigm shift is inevitable. Liquidity pools have to be technologically improved or even reinvented while providing maximum user convenience.

Liquidity portfolios are the fuel to an ecosystem that is ready to lift off. By restructuring the very core of liquidity pools and introducing liquidity portfolios, Blueshift has managed to materialize numerous improvements that have been lacking in the old world of DeFi 1.0. Dozens of cryptocurrencies can be contained in liquidity portfolios, while users can only provide a single token as liquidity.

Additionally, crypto users can now also acquire one, or all, of the assets present in a liquidity portfolio.

By providing a single type of cryptocurrency to liquidity portfolios, crypto users can now get liquidity provider fees without being burdened by significant impermanent loss.

At the moment, Blueshift decentralized application (DApp) users can utilize a DeFi index, multichain, metaverse or Occam liquidity portfolio.

Readers can learn more about liquidity portfolios here.

Occam liquidity portfolio

Occam’s liquidity portfolio is a showcase of how Blueshift can capture a niche, cutting-edge segment of the crypto market. It contains four tokens: Occam.Fi (OCC), CWallet (CW), DeFire (CWAP) and Milkomedia Cardano (milkADA).


Occam.Fi is a relatively young but flourishing ecosystem that incubates new teams with cutting-edge technology, launches tokens and deploys its own innovative crypto developments. So far, the Occam.Fi team has deployed a decentralized exchange (DEX), an initial DEX offering *IDO) launchpad, an incubator and more. 


CWallet is a practical mobile wallet DApp that, among other things, allows a user to send and receive Cardano (ADA) or Cardano nonfungible tokens (NFTs) via a mobile phone. Other chains are available, such as Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain and the Bitcoin blockchain.


Once DeFire is fully deployed, DeFi on Cardano will be changed forever. The first Cardano DEX aggregator will offer crypto users the best trading prices aggregated from the entire Cardano chain.

Milkomeda Cardano (milkADA)

Milkomedia Cardano (milkADA) is not an Occam.Fi-related asset, as it is the wrapped form of ADA. The wrapping is performed by decentralized technology developed and maintained by the Milkomeda team. Its value is intended to mirror and be intrinsically linked to ADA.

Occam partnership

Blueshift, backed by Shima Capital and others and incubated by Occam.Fi will push the boundaries of DeFi 2.0. 

Occam.Fi’s incubation provides resources, networking and consultation services, which have proven to be very useful for the Blueshift team.

The Occam.Fi-Blueshift relationship is, however, much deeper than an incubation arrangement.

Occam.Fi and Blueshift intend to develop and deploy technology in tandem to maximize Cardano’s potential and seize the opportunities provided by unique eUTXO technology.

Even though Occam.Fi and Blueshift develop competing products on a chain such as Cardano, collaboration between competing teams can benefit.

New liquidity portfolios and upcoming developments 

At the current moment, users can utilize a DeFi index, multichain, metaverse or Occam liquidity portfolio. However, more tokens and portfolios will be added in the near future.

In the following days, the Blueshift team will be adding more liquidity portfolios tied to specific trends, industries or blockchain-niche markets. The liquidity portfolios coming to Blueshift can be categorized as:

  • Indexes such as top-10 ecosystem or metaverse tokens
  • Verticals such as gaming, football, music or education
  • Organizations that have branded portfolios with bundled tokens
  • Technology such as as oracles, smart contracts, augmented and virtual reality, and NFTs
  • Special tokens such as newcomers or rising stars. 

The Blueshift team will continue to add new tokens to existing portfolios. Once the foundation has been set, there will be a few changes to the portfolios until the decentralized autonomous organization is online in this year’s third quarter.

Other milestones to come are more market listings for Blueshift (BLUES) and the Arbitrum chain integration. 

After BLUES achieved an incredible post-IDO price performance on Mexc, there is no doubt these events have left many community members in suspense.

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