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Podcast on coronavirus impact on mental health of marginalised communities at work

Graphic: Yahoo Finance/Verizon
Graphic: Yahoo Finance/Verizon

The coronavirus pandemic has irreversibly changed the the world of work.

In times of this great change, Yahoo Finance and Verizon Business has teamed up to present a six-part podcast series designed to inform and educate professionals with alternative perspectives to corporate social responsibility (CSR) at this time of crisis.

Each episode will showcase perspectives from key industry professionals and how it impacts a range of marginalised communities at work as well as other key demographics that are feeling the impact from the ‘new normal’ in different ways. This includes talking through the mental health implications for a range of staff but also how companies have navigate this new landscape and what opportunities there are for a talent and CSR point of view.

It is hosted by Lianna Brinded, head of Yahoo Finance UK and Xavier White, CSR and Innovation marketing manager for Verizon Business.   

The episodes include perspectives on diversity and inclusion, intersectionality, youth unemployment as well as LGBT+ and homelessness.

Guests include Trisha Driver, CEO of A New Normal, Suki Sandhu, CEO and founder of INvolve and Audeliss, Christina McKelvie, Scottish minister for older people and equalities and many others.

The first episode will be out on 23 July, so don’t forget to check out Yahoo Finance UK for the accompanying article every Thursday, as well as clicking and subscribing to the podcast here.