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It is the 21st, which means we’re about to see the OnePlus Nord launch event. It’s scheduled for 10 AM ET, marking the company’s return to midrange phones and probably the arrival of some wireless earbuds

OnePlus Nord invite


Is it a little weird that this unveiling will come through an augmented reality app? Maybe, but by next year, this could just be how things are done, since we’re through with in-person events for a while.

— Richard

Christopher Nolan’s ‘Tenet’ has been delayed indefinitely

Don’t expect to see a direct-to-home release for this one.


Warner Bros.

Despite the best efforts of Warner Bros. and director Christopher Nolan to bring the movie to theaters this summer, coronavirus-related shutdowns have shattered those plans. The studio has delayed the spy/sci-fi blockbuster several times, and now it’s firmly back on the shelf — Warner Bros. has postponed it indefinitely.
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Nikon’s full-frame Z5 camera offers in-body stabilization for $1,400

It’s aimed at photography more than video.

Nikon Z5


Nikon’s newest Z series camera packs in full five-axis stabilization, the same Expeed 6 processor as the pricier Z6 and Z7, and a 24-megapixel CMOS sensor. The Z5 does have some video chops; it can record in 4K, but it will crop what the sensor picks up — that’s not a good thing. The Z5 arrives in August and costs $1,400 for the body only.
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SpaceX pulls off its first double fairing catch after a Falcon 9 launch

After several near misses over the last year or so.



Now SpaceX can reliably launch and then land the first stage of its Falcon 9 rockets, what else can it do to make space travel cheaper? Apparently the answer is to catch the rocket fairing in ships equipped with huge nets. Recovering the pieces undamaged so they can fly again will save millions of dollars, and on Monday, SpaceX managed to catch both halves for the first time.
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