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ArtisTrade Live on Lockstep | Morningstar

ArtisTrade Live on Lockstep | Morningstar

ArtisTrade Live on Lockstep

Connected Accounting Pioneer Provides Unprecedented Access to Mid-Market ERP Systems

Lockstep, the connected accounting network, today announced that ArtisTrade, a finance software provider specializing in supply chain finance, is now live on Lockstep. Lockstep provides an API for developers to connect to and leverage the accounting and financial data of their customers to automate workflows between companies. ArtisTrade provides high-quality and easy-to-use cloud-based finance software for banks, lenders, and their customers, and is on a mission to build factoring, reverse-factoring, and account-based lending (ABL) solutions across varying industries.

Lockstep’s API goes beyond simply providing access to financial data. Designed by, and for, fintech developers, Lockstep’s finance and accounting API accelerates time to market, connecting into the leading on-premise and cloud financial software. The modern platform for developing financial and accounting applications, Lockstep’s API opens new applications to read and write accounting data to customers’ financial software whether in the Cloud or on-premises.

ArtisTrade recently launched ArtisPay, which is initially rolling out in the transportation industry and is the first Supply Chain Finance web-app for banks and lenders of all sizes. The Lockstep API provides carrier and invoice information through ArtisTrade’s broker, Landshark, into ArtisPay. This will allow TAB, the bank of record for ArtisTrade, to make payments to carriers, initiate early payments on invoices, and grant visibility into all past, present, and future payments. Prior to ArtisTrade’s using Lockstep, these time-consuming and arduous processes were entirely manual.

“Industries across the board are in desperate need of this type of functionality and integration to alleviate the lift of manual processes,” said Jamie Clemons, cofounder and CEO of ArtisTrade. “Solutions today are siloed and don’t lend themselves to the functionality that a connected accounting network like Lockstep provides. The ability to connect systems across specific industries will empower us to grow and expand in a way that other solutions cannot.”

“Our partnership with ArtisPay is an exciting new chapter in the evolution of Lockstep,” said Matt Shanahan, Cofounder and VP of Strategy at Lockstep. “From inception, it has been our mission to empower developers to build an ecosystem of applications that automate workflows between companies of all sizes, in any industry, to seamlessly connect and work together. With ArtisPay’s use of Lockstep, we’re creating new efficiencies for companies and unlocking working capital for companies to thrive.”

For more information on the Lockstep API, please visit: https://developer.lockstep.io.

For more information on ArtisTrade and ArtisPay, please visit: https://artistrade.com/artispay-fast-track/.

For more information on Lockstep, please visit: https://lockstep.io/.

About Lockstep:

Lockstep is a connected accounting network that automates accounting workflows between companies. The pioneer in Connected Accounting, Lockstep allows accounts receivable (AR) and accounts payable (AP) teams to automate all their receivables and payables workflows in one place, improving productivity, cash flow, and working capital. Lockstep has won numerous awards including the 2022 BIG Innovation Award, 2022 Top Accounting Solution by CFO Tech Outlook, and Most Promising Fintech Solution by CIOReview.

Visit https://lockstep.io/ for more information about Lockstep, and https://lockstep.io/press/for more news about Lockstep.

About ArtisTrade:

Artis Trade Systems, headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, is a FinTech that specializes in working capital solutions for middle market companies and the banks and secured lenders that serve them. For more information, visit artistrade.com or email [email protected].

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