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Agata Herasimowicz resigns as Derby’s finance director

But someone else is going to have to finish the job.

Herasimowicz, who announced her resignation on Monday after a brief but turbulent tenure as the city’s finance director, had initially enjoying a good working relationship with the city’s administration. That relationship apparently soured and she was placed on administrative leave earlier this year. The city administration was initially reluctant to explain the action, but later acknowledged she was under investigation for mishandling city funds.

An independent report by accounting firm MahoneySabol largely cleared her of wrongdoing, calling her actions “necessary and reasonable” and the Board of Aldermen & Alderwomen reinstated her in a nearly unanimous vote, with only one member voting against the measure.

Derby Chief of Staff Walt Mayhew said he did not know why Herasimowicz had resigned, but said the city is trying to get her to stay in order to help the city meet crucial financial deadlines.

Herasimowicz’s resignation comes as the city continues to struggle with poor finances and is being advised by the state’s Municipal Finance Advisory Commission.