ASEA is a consistently growing phenomenon which has its origin from experience, passion and vision of its co-founder, Verdis Norton.

ASEA is a financially sound and a huge profit-making company which produces one-of-a-kind product in an NSF- certified, FDA-Registered facility. A prestigious third-party labĀ  certifies the redox process of the company. ASEA operates and owns 100{d8e82c23183188c20434d3abe80f36848037ac419f21bb09729480e6ad9d222b} of all the manufacturing processes therefore guaranteeing high quality products over the years.

The ASEA Redox Health Revolution is run by a team of experienced executives with both extensive knowledge in and out of the sophisticated network marketing industry. These executives work toward a common goal of maintaining and improving the long-term, and a sustainable growth while at the same time observing the values and principles upon which it was founded.

People at ASEA are dedicated and strive to succeed by improving the lives of people

around them in terms of providing optimal health services, employment

opportunities or providing a path where individuals can grow personally or as a group.

A brief history of ASEA

Norton, after a long career of working and consulting with different multinational

companies, became a reputable business strategist. At one time, he found

himself working at a small biotech company as a board member. The company was

involved in a scientific groundbreaking technology aimed at the production of

redox signaling molecules- cellular massagers responsible for protection,

rejuvenation and proper functioning of cells at the optimal levels.

Being aware that supplementing the body with the redox signaling molecules would increase cellular functioning and overall body health, the company

was determined to recreate these molecules outside of the human body by

producing a consumable product.

At one time, the company experienced financial challenges forcing it to sell the redox

technology. Norton knew that the redox signaling concept was very significant

and very potential, he therefore took a step of partnering with JIM Pak and

purchased back the technology.

What is the meaning of ASEA?

ASEA means, from the sea, which symbolizes rebirth, rejuvenation and healing. Cells are the basic structural units of life which practically revitalize all systems

throughout the body. The name ASEA which represents both the company and the

product brings in the concept of truth and foundational revitalization.

Jim Pak and Norton worked closely with a team of researchers towards developing the

three-fold concept of stabilizing the redox signaling molecules in the product

by identifying and facilitating safety measures through testing.

After undertaking extensive research and a series of laboratory testing, breakthrough eventually came. They were not only able to produce a product containing the redox

signaling molecules, but also able to come up with a shelf stable product that

was portable to the masses for use. The existence of this product created an entirely

new revolution in health.

The next move for ASEA

After their breakthrough, ASEA had a challenge on how to deliver their product to the

global market. They were traditional business founders and understood the

financial restraint of introducing a new product to the mass. They later

settled that direct sales would the best way to reach out to their customers

and also get the opportunity to educate them on the value of their product.

ASEA Redox supplement was now ready, and sales model was decided upon. They formally launched their product in 2010.

In 2014, the company launched an improved version of the product by the name RENU 28. Since its launch, the company has been successful and today it operates in 25 strong international markets. In 2015 the company was ranked at the top 100-direct sales company in the entire world.

Following the retire its founder Norton, his son Tyler Norton is now the board chairman while the CEO Charles Funke and the president Webb Jarom work tirelessly towards the next phase of strategic growth.