Apparently appearing fashion by wearing a scarf can beautify our look you know. Scarves have a variety of motifs and colors, therefore can be the right accessories the mix and match your outfit. Well now it’s the rainy season and windy, try to wear this one accessory, guaranteed you will look more stylish and most importantly, this scarf will cover your neck so your baseball will want again.

Well, there are several kinds of ways to wear , So for you who want to look stylish with a scarf, visit Here some ways to use the scarf to keep stylish the following:

  1. Ascot Wrap

This simple scarf style is perfect for lightweight rectangular scarves. Start with a scarf on the back of your neck with both ends hanging down. Then circle around the neck 2 times and make a knot on the front. Then don’t forget tidy shawl on the front.

  1. Four in Hands

This appearance is perfect for pashmina shawls. Take your shawl long and fold 2 then place in the estuary with you 1 end is the circle and the other end is the end of the scarf. Take one end of the scarf and insert it into the circle. Rotate the initial circle to form a new circle and bring both ends of the scarf into the new circle. Worth a try! Order at for the best pashmina shawls.

  1. Infinity Shrug

Well if the infinity scarf has been a few years this. you may wear it with double circle or triple around your neck for more variation, you can wear this scarf by holding a scarf behind your back and insert your arm in every circle. This style is very useful and certainly, you will look stylish! Especially if combined with a sleeveless dress, it’s perfect!

  1. Fancy Braid

If this one model, it’s an easy way. Take a long, light scarf and tie the knot by adjusting the circle around your neck. Take the right end of the scarf and stack over the left end of the scarf then insert it into the bottom of the circle around the neck. Take the left end of the scarf and pile it with the right end of the scarf, repeat the previous step. Make the end of your scarf out of piles. Stretch a scarf to show off your neck a bit.

  1. Muffler

Appearance with a scarf model like this will be very stylish and made your chest and neck warm extra. Fold the scarf and make a triangle. The folded edge is placed in front of the neck and ties the ends behind your neck yes. Well, or you can also wing the ends behind or in the distance and hide between crease scarves. Style scarf like this will look beautiful if the scarf already has tassels.

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