Along with the development of information and communication technology, online business or e-commerce continues to increase. Many of the world’s traders have started promoting and delivering their products on an international scale. This will certainly continue to increase, given the number of human populations that have access to the Internet has more and more. is one of the low cost shipping online.

In carrying out its delivery service, there are many service options from shipping freight forwarders. Although already has popularity, as an online business must be still keen in choosing freight services. So, we do not have to worry about lost production goods on the road or damaged at the time of delivery.

Here are some tips that can be done to choose the best online goods delivery services:

  1. Choose a freight company that has legality and permit

One tip to consider before getting into the next tips is that we must pay close attention to the legality permit of the company, still active or not. Shipping companies that do not have legality permit can still receive shipment or delivery of goods without permission. So, as a sender, we must remain cautious so as not to lose money.

  1. Select the specialist route delivery service selected

Not all freight forwarding companies have skills in shipping goods according to the route we have chosen. They have delivery restrictions, inter-city, inter-island, inter-provincial, inner city or just abroad. Usually, the already popular expedition companies have many routes to choose from. Such a company is what we should be using. also have access routes to different regions.

  1. Expeditions that offer affordable prices

All expedition companies in Indonesia will certainly continue to compete with other competitors about the price. But choose an affordable shipping expedition. Of course, also the importance of the issue of responsibility. So, it is not only cheap but also must be responsible for maintaining the integrity of its customer goods.

  1. Pay attention to time or delivery estimation

All freight forwarding companies will show the estimated delivery of goods for how many days. But, not all will fulfill that promise. There are several factors that need to be considered by us as the sender of goods. One of them is when we order the delivery service. Do not use the delivery service at an improper time, such as holidays, holidays, national days and other big days. Because of the time like this shipping expedition will experience overload shipment or delivery of goods amounted to very much. Then, if an expedition is overloaded, then they will increase the speed of delivery regardless of service quality.

  1. Provide check receipt feature for tracking delivery

The best shipping expedition is an expedition that features a check receipt using both website and mobile based applications. This check receipt feature can be used to monitor the shipment in real time. If the freight forwarder does not have this one feature, then it can be ascertained that the company does not have a good service facility.

  1. Have lots of fleets

There are many types of fleets commonly used by shipping companies to deliver goods, such as ankle trucks, pickup trucks, containers and others. At least, a good expedition company that has a fleet of more than 15 units.

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