The most powerful software you will find does nothing but repetitive boring tasks. Have a look at your company and think about the things that need to be done over and over – this is where field service management software comes in handy.

For most firms, tasks like tracking inventory, forecasting workloads, scheduling shifts and preventative maintenance require such a tool. In case you are finding yourself spending a lot of time managing Excel files and charts than the time you spend managing your business, you are an ideal candidate who needs a software upgrade. ServiceMax offers a great field service app that you can install on your field technicians’ smartphones for real time updates and scheduling of tasks and communication with the office staff. Here are some of the reasons you may need versatile field service management software:

1) When the team is too large to handle

When the company started, you only had a handful of service technicians. All of them met in the morning to plan out the tasks for the day and then checked back in the evening before going home. It was easy to track their off days and also conduct field service scheduling manually.

Now that the company has grown, the team has grown and so have the tasks and their time requirements. This cannot be managed manually, and that’s where software comes in to free you from the heartache of overseeing many techs. Workers can use the HR portal to request holiday time or swap shifts. Staffing can be forecasted in advance depending on the seasonal trends or call volume, and much more.

2) When customers are demanding more interaction

In the inception, it was easy to keep tabs on your clients. You knew their names and preferences – and you could predict when they will need your services. Now, the clientele base has grown, and the numbers of appointments are unmanageable. You may still know some of your contacts, but generally, it’s impossible to manage everything without a good tracking solution.
A field service solution helps you manage your contacts in a meaningful way. It lets customers book appointments themselves, sends reminders and notifications automatically, tracks them by the value they provide to the business and surveys the clients after an appointment to ensure they are happy.
3) When you are fed up with waste and downtime

Other than helping you have a better look at the shortcoming in your company, this solution assists you to understand your business. You can track the technicians’ time on site, downtime and success rate. It makes it possible to generate reports that show clients who call often or those you haven’t been in contact with for months. You can also forecast future growth to ensure that you have adequate resources.

In short, the software will make it easy to run the company. Consider getting one if things are getting complex. Technological advancements have made it easy to use mobile apps that are easily installed on smartphones with no extra need for sophisticated hardware or computers.