There are 45 radio stations that are located within the close listening range of Scranton, in the state of Pennsylvania. All these radio stations are licensed and can be easily sorted based on their frequencies, call signs, programming formats and cities of license.

City of License

Commonly known as the community of license, this is the community that a particular radio station is officially allowed to serve. In Scranton, only radio stations that are licensed by Pennsylvania County can be heard around the city. They have to fulfill a particular obligation before allowed to operate within a particular city or community.

Call Signs

In Pennsylvania and Scranton to be specific call, signs are used for all the scranton radio stations that have been FCC-licensed. A call sign is basically a special designation that a transmitter station uses. In Scranton, PA, several broadcasters have been given call signs, and most of them have branded themselves with plain text identities and names such as WMQX Max 102 FM and others. Radio stations in Scranton use letter W as the call letter. For some time, most call signs used by radio stations in this city have been four-character, although there are certain classic three-character call letters that are still in use.


This is defined as the number a repeating event occurs per a given unit of time. The radio stations that are operating in Scranton, PA are sorted out using their frequencies. Frequency is used in radio because it can specify the rate of vibratory and oscillatory phenomena such as radio waves and audio signals. Sound usually propagates as pressure and displacement of mechanical waves. This element is what determines the pitch of a sound coming from a radio. Some of the frequencies of scranton radio stations are the following;

  • WLKA K-Love – 88.30 FM
  • W205AG Good News Network – 88.90 FM
  • WMQX Max 102 – 102.20 FM
  • WEZX – 106.9 FM
  • WUSR, a University of Scranton official radio station – 99.5FM

The Programming Formats

A programming format also known as radio format is used to describe the overall content that is broadcasted on these radio stations operating in Scranton, PA. The main reason why radio formats are used to sort radio stations in Scranton is that they are subject to change and can be used a perfect tool for marketing. In Scranton, various radio stations operate with various genres of radio formats.