When it comes to lighting your home or office, there’s no lack of available options. When you reach the light bulb aisle at your local home improvement store or flip through the pages at your favorite online retailer, it can be hard to initially decipher the difference between the types that are offered. We’re here to explain to you that there’s only one type you should be concerned with and that’s the LED light bulbs. There are many advantages this type of bulb holds over the other traditional offerings. Let’s take a look at what these advantages are below.

No Toxic Waste 

LED light bulbs do not have any toxic chemicals inside of them. Other types, such as the traditional fluorescent light, is comprised of toxic elements like mercury. These elements are harmful to the environment when disposed of. In addition, these other bulbs require specialized compliant disposal methods. This can create more work for you in the long run than it would be to just use a non-toxic LED light bulb.

Last Longer 

LED lights are coined to last, on average, about six times longer than traditional light bulbs. This fact should be enough to get anyone to switch as changing out blown out light bulbs is not a fun thing to do, especially often. Also, because these lights last longer, they are actually less expensive than other types of lights in the long-term. In environmental terms, this means there are less LED lights that go to the landfill than other types of light bulbs.

More Direct Light 

LED lights are designed with direct lighting in mind. The light that is emitted from the LED bulbs is focused in one direction to illuminate a specific area. Other types of lights are focused on illuminating all areas around the bulb, such as the ceiling. This is simply a waste of light that is unnecessary for the purposes of the user. LED lights allow a more direct focus with increased brightness for the area in which the light is intended to illuminate.

Quicker Startup 

We are sure that you’ve all dealt with the old CFL light bulbs that flicker and are delayed for a few moments when you flip on the switch. This can be quite irritating as it may seem like the bulb is going to be blown out. With LED lights, there is no delay upon startup and no flickering of the light bulb. This means when you turn on the switch, you can expect the light to be on. You can read a knockout post about the founder there.

Less Heat Emitted 

LED lights emit a very low level of heat when they’re in use. This is drastically different than traditional bulbs, such as CFLs, which emit high levels of heat during use. If you consistently sit under a light or lamp and find yourself always getting overheated, you may want to opt for LED lights as they won’t be hot.

As you can see, there are many advantages to using LED lights over traditional lights, such as CFLs. LEDs are cornering the market as the newest innovation that provides many benefits over the old-style bulbs. We encourage you to give LED light bulbs a try due to all the reasons listed throughout this article.