What You Need to Know About Horse Transport There are many things that you have to take care of when transporting your horses. The most important consideration of horse transport is the safety of the horses. This means having a safe horse trailer and a truck with enough horsepower to tow several tons will be required if you want to transport your horses yourself. It makes a great deal of sense, however, to hire the services of a professional horse transport company to handle all of your horse transportation needs. Many stables offer their clients horse transport service as part of their stable agreement. This may be a cost effective option for you if it is available. But there is also likely to be situations in which horse transport is not available to horse owners. While many people will take a chance on handling their own horse transport needs, it is always best to hire a certified and licensed horse transport company to handle your particular horse transport needs. The main concern of having the right trailer and truck to make horse transport possible is not everything that you will need to take into consideration. Transporting livestock actually requires compliance with federal livestock transport guidelines to ensure that you are transporting your livestock safely. Taking care of your own horse transport means having to take care of all of your own licensing and compliance with federal and state livestock transport rules. Failure to meet these standards could lead to serious problems, including fines and seizure of your horses by authorities.
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One of the most important concerns that you will have is just how far you are planning to travel with your horses. Long distance interstate horse transport requires an entirely new level of care for the animals and permits for the horses and your horse trailer. Horses need to have food and water while traveling long distances, to avoid dehydration. To take care of your horses properly, you will need to have professional horse handlers who can feed, water and walk your horses during stops to ensure that they are able to stretch their legs and go to the bathroom.
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Those who are in need of horse transport are best off hiring the services of a professional horse transport company. When you are looking for more information about horse transport companies, it is best to begin by looking online for horse transport services near you. All you have to do to begin is search the web for a horse transport service in your local community.