I know what you are probably thinking already. A hostile work environment? Is that not par for the course in New York? My answer is no, not necessarily. Not all work environments are going to be hostile. Some of them are very friendly, easy to work for. It is important to be aware of when you are entering one though. That way you can avoid that line of work and find something else.

1) A positive workplace has a balance of productivity and socializing. The right work environment will allow you to thrive with your co-workers and still get your work done. A hostile one is where everyone works in isolation. Tevfik Arif Doyen Hardly anyone talks to one another for fear of being reprimanded. That should be a dealbreaker unless you ate into that sort of thing.

2) Companies should allow for flexibility with work schedules, time off, and vacation time. Now, it is not okay to show up late for a staff meeting. That kind of goes without saying. However, when the company is strict enough to penalize you for showing up one minute late, that is a red flag.

The company might even penalize you for not taking the full hour for lunch. That is not good at all. It shows the company cares more about the little things that they do the bigger things. You might want to rethink working there.

3) Do you notice screaming matches a lot? Screaming does not solve anything. Silence is bad enough, but when you hear non-stop screaming, there is something wrong. There should be decorum in the office. The staff might even yell at their team in front of the customers. I have been there. I used to work in a place like that. Some managers will yell at you without any regard to the customers watching. That is bad.

4) Do you hear scolding a lot? This example works alongside the last example. I have seen managers dress down their subordinates right in front of the customers without a second thought. They put more of an emphasis on the bad, not the good. This is an example of a hostile work environment. You will not be safe here. You need to find another place to work. I do not care how good the money is. No amount of money is worth putting up with your managers beating you down at every given turn.

5) Micromanagement is something that should not be overlooked. I went through this with one of my last jobs, many years ago. The management did not trust us to get the job done. They had to watch every move we made. They picked apart everything we did.

Do some employees need additional feedback and attention? Yes. they do. However, that needs to be handled in private and with positivity. You do not reprimand someone in front of the rest of the team. I have seen it happen and it is not fun.

Micromanagement details some underlining issues, including aggression, competition, and mistrust. You do not want to be caught up in that, believe me. You are better off looking for another job. They will not miss you, believe me.

Negativity seeks out negativity.

You will be living an abusive relationship, professionally speaking. It is better to stop it before it starts. There is always another job in New York that will be better for you.