There are a variety of advertisement opportunities at, all of which present several advantages to businesses. This site is designed to provide assistance, resources, and advice to entrepreneurs via podcasts and radio shows that are streamed on-demand. The site includes information, interviews, and demonstrations of procedures and products across industries. The number of targeted audiences that can be reached is unprecedented. No other platform can offer more exposure per advertisement. Whether the business operates locally or globally, there is an option that accommodates the size, preference, and focus of the business.

Visitors and subscribers have the option to select from major metropolitan areas in the United States, as well as a significant number of countries, in which to browse. A local business in Boston, for example, can elect to provide an advertisement that will rotate among podcasts geared to that area. Businesses wishing to expand their customer base can choose to sponsor a program or podcast that is available in multiple areas, or in a general category open to everyone. Text advertisements in show notes, another opportunity, allows a business to target a specific audience or demographic population by carefully selecting the show. Verbal mentions on podcasts produced by the network are a cost-effective way for small or new businesses to advertise.

Exposure to multiple audiences is just one advantage. Another is the range of options for advertisements. Business owners can select the type of investment with which they are most comfortable. That allows them to reach a large number of people, while still controlling costs. The advertisements can also be replayed on the business website, providing dual use for the cost of one commercial. Discounts in costs are offered to contracts that are six or twelve months in duration.

Commercials can even be produced by the network, if preferred. Voice actors can provide the talent for animated spots. Show hosts are available for interview style commercials, and experienced crews can produce the advertising spot. Those businesses that have specific commercials already produced can run those as well. Visit the website to determine if the format will suit the advertising needs of the business.