Before we go to the writing of scientific papers it is better if we start first from the simplest, composing essays. composing essays does not mean just to arrange freely, sometimes we need sequential steps to get used so easily in developing writing.
There are 2 kinds of the essay that is the essay that is fictional and essay which is nonfiction. fiction is more towards fantasy whereas nonfiction is more towards real events (actually happening). Writing is one example of nonfiction because it is actually experienced, or done. while the fictional essay of the real example is a short story that sometimes takes the form of an unlikely story or if you need cheap writing services.
basically to compose essays required initial steps to form regular and systematic habits that facilitate us in developing essays. this time we try to first review the steps of composing essays one by one.

1. Define theme and title
before you want to move first thought is where will we go? then when writing, what will we write? The theme is the subject, issue, or subject that underlies an essay. while the title is the head of an essay. if the theme of the scope is greater and involves the issues raised while the title is more on the initial explanation (brief pointer) the contents of the essay to be written.
themes are severely affected by the writer’s insight. the more authors get used to reading the book, the more writing activity will accelerate the authors obtain the theme.
however, for newbies (who are not experienced like me) need to pay attention to some important things in order that the theme raised is easy to develop. including:

a. do not take the theme that the subject is too broad
b. Choose a theme that we like and we believe we can develop.
c. Choose a theme whose source or ingredients we can easily get. (if it’s hard how you want to work, obviously?)

sometimes indeed in determining the theme is not always in accordance with kond2 above. yes, for example, pas contest compose, a theme has been provided before and we can only wear it. yes never mind to be sorry because you can request custom essay services ..
when a theme has been obtained, it is necessary to decipher or to discuss the theme of being a focused and systematic form of the essay. one way to determine the title of the essay. a good title is a title that can imply the overall content of our essay. enough!!!…

2. Collecting materials
already have a goal, and want to step, then what is your stock? before continuing to write, there needs to be material to be a provision in showing the existence of writing. how ideas, and innovations can be noticed if nothing of the material comes into view. what a great idea if not necessary. there should be a basic provision in continuing writing.
to get used, collect clippings of certain problems (usually interesting authors) in various fields neatly. this should be accustomed to prospective writers so that when needed in writing, the author can reopen clippings stored according to the field. many ways memngelompoknya, masing2 authors have their own way according to also the purpose of writing.

3. selecting materials
There is a provision, and start walking, but what supplies will be brought? so as not to be too biased and abstract, it is necessary to choose materials that match the theme of the discussion. the pattern through clarifying the level of urgency of the materials that have been collected carefully and systematically. the following are the following instructions:
1. record important things as much as possible
2. make reading as a necessity
3. Many discussions, and follow scientific activities.

4. Create a framework
provision there, elected again, continue to step where the first? we need to arrange step by step so that our initial goal in writing is not lost or widened in the middle of the road. the framework describes each topic or problem into several more focused and measurable subjects.
the frame of the essay is not necessarily the same as the table of contents, or per chapter description. this framework is a small note that can change whenever possible in order to achieve the perfect stage.
the following framework functions essay:
a. facilitate the management of the composition of the article to be organized and systematic
b. facilitate the author in outlining each problem
c. help to select important and unimportant material

stages in preparing the framework of an essay:
a. noting ideas. The easy-to-use tool is the tree of mind (a diagram explaining the ideas that arise)
b. set the order of ideas.
c. re-examine what has been set in chapters and sub sections
d. create a detailed and complete framework

A good frame is a sequential and logical framework. because if there is a crossing idea, will complicate the development process of the essay. (essay not flowing)

5. Develop a framework of the essay
the process of developing essays depends entirely on our mastery of the material we are about to write. If you really understand the material well, problems can be raised with creative, flowing and real. as well as the strength of the material we collect in providing insight to develop the essay.
the development of the essay also not to accumulate with other subject matter. for that development should be systematic, and directed. the development path should also be carefully and carefully constructed. the more systematic, logical and relevant to a given theme, the more weight it generates.