What comes to mind when the words Uber, Apple, and Google are mentioned. So many people all over the world have a rough idea what those companies do. They not only have a massive following, but those show use their products are loyal to a tee – sometimes not because the companies have no worthy competition, but because they have built brands so strong over the years. It’s just like in Barrie tutoring. When you find the right one for you, you will stick with them throughout your study. For every business that made a name for itself, thousands doing the same thing failed.

So, why is a business name so important from the get-go?

  • It’s the Sum of what you are about

No one has the time to go through the mission statement to know what your organization is about and so the name is the ultimate selling point. What you choose for tour business will sum up what you do, giving people a rough idea of what they can find in your establishment without having to look it up online. Take the word Google, for example. It’s coined from the term ‘googol,’ which means the number 1 followed by 100 zeros. When you think of the searches done on Google on any give day, it makes the ideal for search engine, doesn’t it?

  • Makes you Stand Out

No matter what goods or services you intend to deal in, chances are someone else is doing it. So you have the chance to stand out as an organization by choosing a unique name. Take companies dealing in mobile phones, for example and especially those using Android Operating System. The phones will have similar properties but people will still choose one brand over the other based on a name.

  • First Impressions

Your company name is the first thing people see when they walk in your office building and so it’s up to you to come up with a name that creates a lasting impression. Some names are so uninspired that people will hardly remember them once they leave. Going with the first name that comes to mind might not be the best strategy for your organization, you know.

How to make your Company’s Name Stand out

  • Make it Brief

Long and complicated names are prone t be forgotten. Name all the super successful brands you know and see what they have in common. Chances are their names are brief and probably leave you wondering their meaning.

  • Make it Unique

Unless you plan to benefit from an already established brand, you will want to come up with a unique name. Choosing a name that is similar to another may make you sound like an imitator and no one wants to work with an unoriginal dealer.

Think Long-term

You may only be getting started but you have intentions of being the biggest in your niche. Does the name you chose at the start feel strong enough to build and mold into a powerful brand?