Ever wonder what makes some CEOs shine while others crash and burn? There are things that most successful CEOs have in common-and don’t think of success only in terms of money. Let’s take a look at their secrets.

Successful CEOs have amazing discipline. They work hard every day and do what they need to to get the job done. You’re not going to get far if you aren’t willing to put in long hours and be dedicated to your business. They also do their homework, and never invest or sign an agreement without doing plenty of research.

Along with doing research, smart CEOs never stop learning. They devote time each week to learning something new about their industry, and stay up to date on the latest developments and innovations. They are also learning new skills and and new ways to nurture their business. It pays to always keep learning and bettering your skills. Click for more information.

A successful CEO listens to his employees. Being willing to accept feedback, especially criticism is very important. One of the marks of a successful business is the happiness of its employees. Studies have shown that the employees with the highest job satisfaction are ones who say they feel heard, understood, and appreciated by the upper brass. Employees who have high job satisfaction are more productive and healthier. Turnover is low, which saves companies money on hiring and training.

Networking is also crucial for success. Building up important contacts and making connections throughout your industry and related ones can be very valuable. Many of them may become trusted business partners or present lucrative opportunities that could bring your company prestige, increased profit and even better opportunities. Never underestimate the importance of networking.

One of the most important skills a CEO needs is good decision making. They have to make all kinds of decisions, from who to hire to what to invest in. These days’ analytics and business intelligence can make decision making easier, but it’s still important for CEOs to keep their decision making skills sharp. The right decision can bring your business profit and respect, while the wrong one can cost you everything.

Finally, successful CEOs don’t let their success go to their heads. They don’t get greedy or let ethics go by the wayside. They treat their employees and customers with respect and appreciation and reap the rewards.