Today in the world there is a rapid growth of supplies of Chinese goods. It seems that in the People’s Republic of China, almost everything is produced, from toothpicks to various types of vehicles. The most interesting thing is that almost all countries of the world are happy to purchase products manufactured in China.

Why do we buy products from China? All products are cheap, that is why you pay almost 2-3 times less for the same goods produced in Europe? The whole counterpart of such a rapid rise in the Chinese economy is that the government of the country provided preferential conditions for small business. It happened because foreign companies can have a simplified tax regime, which stimulated the development of branches of many foreign manufacturers in China.

As a result, a sharp increase in production, expansion of trade borders and an increase in the number of international freight. Until now, it remains a profitable business of reselling Chinese goods to other countries. Delivery of goods from China is provided by a large number of transport companies and ship management company from all over the world. This includes both trucking and rail freight. Turnovers are picking up sea freight from China. This is the way most of the goods are delivered. It is especially advantageous to transport numerous combined cargoes from China by sea. Delivery of a combined load, in itself, a thing quite economically profitable. And if such delivery is carried out by sea, it becomes even cheaper. Sea freight of goods from China is getting more and more popular. The advantage of using sea transport is that the ship is able to accept a very large number of various goods. And we are talking about both large consignments (oversized or heavy), as well as small enough lots or fragile goods. All cargoes are transported in containers, which serve as protection against external influences (natural precipitation, humidity), and from mechanical damage even during RoRo services. As transportation is carried out by containers, this greatly simplifies the process of loading goods, reduces the time allotted for the production of these works, and, therefore, reduces transportation costs and costs for customs clearance services. It should be noted that in all ports of the world there is an identical document system relating to the carriage of goods by sea. Thus, the confusion or lack of documents is virtually eliminated. In addition, significantly affects the cost of transport by sea that waterways, unlike road or rail, do not need reconstruction. Accordingly, do not require financial investments. The People’s Republic of China actively supports the shipping industry and develops shipbuilding. About 20 ports of the republic have the status of international, which allows you to carry out transport and logistics activities, to help in the design of international cargo. Since the procedure for obtaining permits is as simple as possible and occurs quickly enough, it makes it possible to increase the flow of goods through the country’s seaports.