Grocery stores or minimarkets have become the final distribution channel, which is directly related to consumers. This minimarket business has big profit potential. To seize the opportunity we need to understand how to Success to manage the minimarket business

Minimarkets using a computer software that is installed on the computer. Quickbooks is one of the application that support this thing, they have robust service like :

Capital to establish this minimarket store varies. For small investors it’s good not too big, to start can open at home with the stock of goods that do not need much, eg stock soap brand A 5 pieces, stock noodles 1 carton. and others.

The most important thing is action, doing something action. And do not forget to keep a bookkeeping neatly. If the bookkeeping can be used as a reference material to apply for a loan to the Bank.

If there is capital and experience, please open a minimarket with a larger scale.

As for the thing that should be cautious as a major competitor is a modern retail finger shop that is currently rife in our country.

The minimarkets retail networks have implemented a modern management system. The first display laying that allows consumers to find goods, both convenience in shopping with the AC and third completeness of goods in the store and the fourth is the speed in serving consumers.

Minimarkets using a computer software that is installed on the computer. “COMPUTERIZATION SYSTEM”

The existence of such software will greatly facilitate the store owner to control bookkeeping. Because everything will be done automatically

Advantages of using software:

  1. Automatic price, so anyone can be a cashier, even a small child can be a cashier without having to memorize the price. With the labeling system attached to the goods (barcode). The price of the item will be detected automatically
  2. Stock automatically, using this software every item sold at the automatic checkout will reduce the existing stock. Even in modern systems, items that have minimal stock will be notified by the computer.
  3. Sales Report. In the modern system of sales reports will be held automatically, so we do not need to be difficult to recycle manually, live click then the sales report will be presented. The sales report can be selected eg sales report per consumer, sales report per item, sales report of the bestsellers, sales report of goods today, sales report of goods one week, month, year etc.
  4. Purchase Report. In modern systems our purchase report to suppliers will be held automatically with one click only.
  5. Debt Report. In this modern system then the debt report will be automatically detected by one click. So will appear our unpaid debts, debt maturities etc. related to debt.
  6. Receivables Report. In modern systems it will be detected with a single click list of consumer receivables.
  7. Profit and Loss Statement. The store’s profit and loss statement will also be presented automatically with one click. Can see our earnings per day, monthly profit, earnings per week or earnings dated.
  8. Checking Capital Wealth. With one click we can check the store’s wealth on the goods. By converting the amount of goods to $.
  9. Management discount. The existence of this system then we can set the discount automatically.
  10. Member Management. The existence of this system then we can provide a member point, so each spending will get a member point, and point can be exchanged with other items.