The workspace has a different character from the room watching television let alone eating rung. Because the purpose of the workspace is to work it must be able to support the needs of the work itself for the job, the business is always smooth and productive.

Differentiating Rooms in addition to Workspace at Home

The most important thing when building an Effective Home Office is to create a special room. The special office space can physically affect psychology as well. Because even if you are in the home environment, psychologically and mentally you stay in the office.

Quiet and not Noisy

Office rooms should not be disturbed by outside sounds that have nothing to do with work. Usually the sound of people talking, the sound of television, radio or pet. Because it can interfere with concentration when working. Shifting the location of office space to a relatively solitary position can be a solution.

You can install carpets throughout the house. Because of the Benefits of Carpets in the home can be a silencer.

Workspaces that are in the corner of the home design can help you avoid the sound of people passing by. Hearing the steps of people walking can make you lose concentration.

Separate Space Position from other Room

Workspaces that are separated from the bedroom can be selected. Because the bedroom usually has a quiet atmosphere. Calmness can help you to think better and not easily disturbed by hearing people talking loudly.

Comfortable Light

Workplace light should be chosen which is very supportive of normal vision. Not too dark nor too bright. The light is too dark, of course, can be annoying. Especially when the job demands vision as the main condition. The room is too bright can also damage the eyes and health. Can also use a light control device that can make light or dark by turning the knob.

Good Airflow

Airflow quality determines how fresh a certain room is. The better the airflow, the better the quality in the room. Likewise, with the office, make sure the window has a sufficient size for the circulation of clean air. If the room is too hot. Installing AC (Air Conditioner) can be done, but do not use it too often because it can interfere with the health of the lungs.

Work Equipment

We recommend choosing an efficient and functional tool or tool on the table. Too many items on the table can, of course, bother you while writing or also typing using a laptop. Too many knick-knacks on the table and room can actually disturb you while working.

Supporting Electronic Work Equipment

Support office equipment such as laptop, printer, facsimile, you can choose according to its function. Television, radio can also be in the office room. But use it on time and do not interfere with working hours.


Should choose the interior of office space that has a simple design. Color furniture such as tables, chairs, cabinets preferably with a matching color. But there are also business owners happy with the color of the room colorful. Creative workers such as writers, artists will be more creative in a room that has a sense of excitement and inspiration.

Adjust to Taste and Comfort

Office room you can also design according to taste. Design and layout you can choose according to each personality. As long as it does not forget the function of the office as a place to work.