The struggle is real. A freelance writer’s life can be fun, challenging, and rewarding. It does not, however, come without challenges. Bloggers and writers need ways to find steady work and make money. Being self-employed means there is very little safety net. They must support themselves and possibly their family while getting started. In addition, they have to make sure their content stays relevant and up-to-date so that it remains engaging to the audience. While not easy, there are ways to make freelancing or blogging a lucrative career. One must make sure to always be cognizant of the very real obstacles that stand in their way.

Searching for Gold

Making money is no easy feat as a new freelancer or blogger. The market is saturated with cut-rate content mills, writers who will work nearly for free, and jobs that pay much less per hour than a minimum-wage job would gross. Finding pristine assignments and long-term clients can be tough for even the most seasoned of freelancers. Newcomers have it even tougher. Without a solid portfolio backing a writer up, many potential clients will not take a chance on someone who doesn’t have a wealth of experience. There are several ways in which to overcome these obstacles, but freelancers must be ready to tackle them head on.

Making the Leap

Perhaps a freelancer or blogger decides to take the plunge and make writing their full-time career. Becoming self-employed may seem like an attractive proposition, but there needs to be serious thought given to this before it actually occurs. How will a writer support themselves and potentially their family when going through this transition? How hard will the first year or two be? Can they afford to live off of savings or will they need to get a part-time job just to make ends meet? This challenge may be the most difficult to conquer out of all the ones a freelancer must face. When there are mouths to feed, the stakes immediately get higher. A freelance writer or blogger must always keep in mind that failure is indeed possible; a contingency plan must be put into place.

Staying Relevant

If a writer manages to make it to the “big leagues” and makes a living off of their craft, there are absolutely no guarantees that it will be sustainable. The work never ends. An audience must constantly be fed relevant and engaging content in order to keep them coming back for more. Without a well-planned and proven content strategy, a freelance writer or blogger does not have a chance to maintain their position as a subject matter expert or authority. Even if they are being paid to write one-off gigs, there are always other writers out there chomping at the bit for a piece of the pie. Getting lazy will be the death knell of a freelance career. Unfortunately, it happens way too often and can usually be seen coming a mile away. The struggle to stay relevant in a world full of mobile web browsing where information can be found in an instant is difficult. Two of the best things you can do is have the best blog platform and produce quality content regularly.


As a new freelancer, the challenges may seem understandably daunting. It is very important to be realistic and smart about how one goes about developing a stream of business, financial stability while building a customer base, and maintaining relevance in an ever-changing world. The challenges are not insurmountable, however. With the right attitude, skill set, and strategy, becoming a full-time freelancer can and does happen. Be mindful of the obstacles in the field, and work like the devil to overcome them.