It seems like everyone from the top down is busy these days, and as an executive it is easy to justify some pretty unhealthy habits as a result. However, being busy and even stressed out is no excuse for skipping out on self-care. As a matter of fact, it’s more important to focused on your health when you have a lot going on.

However, saying you should stay focused on your health and actually doing it can be two completely different things. There are some simple tools you can use and a few tips for you to follow when it seems like you are too busy to make time for yourself so that you can stay stronger than stress.

Use Fitness Trackers

There are several types of fitness trackers on the market, and most will double as watches as well. The great thing about these is that from FitBit to the new Apple Watch is that there are fashionable options available that  look stylish with everything from business casual to eveningwear

Besides tracking your steps, heart rate, calories, flights of steps climbed, and more these devices allow you to set goals. That way, you can see your progress for the day, week, and month. Seeing your progress can inspire you to keep moving, go workout, or just stand up and move around on a regular basis.

Set Reminders

Many fitness trackers and apps can also be set to remind of a variety of different things. This can be really good for both your physical and mental state.

  • Reminders to Mediate and Breathe: These reminders can be simple timers, like the Apple Watch Breathe App, that time you for one minute (or your choice of time) while you focus on your breathing or meditate.
  • Stand Reminders: Sit all the time? You can have your phone or your fitness tracker, or both, remind you to stand and walk around at least once an hour.
  • Eating Reminders: It’s also easy to forget to eat meals or even grab a healthy snack from time to time. You can set up auto reminders that will let you know when it’s time to eat, and even what you should eat.
  • Drink Water: Reminders to drink water are also important, and if you don’t have a place for water or a drink in your office, the time when you stand and walk around can also be a great time to grab a drink.
  • Workout Reminders: Time to go to the gym? Have your watch, phone, or fitness tracker remind you when to leave, and stick to your schedule. Don’t snooze the reminder more than once, and force yourself to leave work and go.

These reminders and others you might set can help you get the relaxation, exercise, diet, and rest that you need to not only be healthier overall but reduce stress. For them to be effective, you need to listen to them and follow the schedule you have set.

Build Good Habits

Following this schedule will help you develop good habits. While it is often said that it takes 21 days to build a habit, newer studies show that it takes more like 66 days. This means you have to keep at something for more than two months before it really becomes a part of your routine.

So how do you build your fitness habits? Besides your own reminders and using technology, you also need to:

  • Set a schedule and stick to it.
  • Have a plan with measurable goals.
  • Be accountable to someone.
  • Forgive Yourself for Failing
  • Stick with it.

No matter how much will power you have, there will be times when you will miss a workout or not follow your new schedule for some reason. It is okay. You need to not only forgive yourself, but keep going. Pick up where you left off, and don’t obsess over a single missed item.

This will keep you on track, and help you get into habits that will last for a long time. Stick to your plan, and reward yourself for reaching those goals.

Get the Right Help

Especially if you are exceptionally busy, you can’t do any of this alone. Not only do you need an accountability partner, but you probably need a coach for a number of things. Whether this is a life coach that includes fitness as part of their plan, or a specific health coach or personal trainer, you need a professional who can not only encourage you, but tell you the right things to do.

This means you may need to reach out to several services, and take the time to vet them and determine what is right for you.

This also means you need to make time to be coached. Whether that is an hour a week or something more often, you need to meet with your coach and look at where you were, how far you have come, and what you need to do to get to the next step.


Everyone is busy and has their reasons for not focusing on self-care, but you can’t help others and be productive in your business unless you are healthy. Use fitness trackers and set reminders so that you can build good habits. Don’t be afraid to reach out and get the help you need. Your body and your mind will thank you for it later. Let us know your best tips for beating stress. Leave a response in the comments below.