To understand the email marketing us first will have to know what marketing is., the marketing is basically representing your product and describing as to why your product is important and why people must use it and in short developing the value of your product in the market is known as marketing. So from this, we can imagine what email marketing could be. Email marketing basically is the type of marketing in which you promote your product by sending emails and providing the knowledge of your product over the emails. The email marketing can also be referred to as when you develop contacts with the target customers and develop a relationship with them that can make them develop trust in you and your product. Sending emails to each of your target audience is not an easy job and developing a relationship is almost impossible but this can be made possible by the automated email systems that can send large amounts of emails automatically to the target customers.

Mail Chimp

Mail chimp is one of the very popular names when it comes to the automated email marketing. In this system, the emails are sent automatically to a large group of the population so instead of writing individual emails for each of your customers you can easily market your products. Mail Chimp is one of the best names when it comes to automated systems like this. A lot of other such marketing automation are present that can help you promote your business and your products among the people and following are some of the MailChimp alternatives that you need to know about

·        FreshMail

FreshMail is one of the best Email marketing software that can make the marketing very easier for you. It costs almost $14 per month for 1000 subscribers which is a very reasonable price.

·        GetResponse

GetResponse is another one of the email marketing software and this one costs just $15 per month and is in competition with the MailChimp.

·        SendInBlue

SendInBlue is another one of the e-marketing software that has very flexible pricing plans. They contain almost 8 pricing plans according to the need of your business.

·        Campayn

Campayn is another very important name when it comes to the email marketing. It is one of the MailChimp alternatives that are in competition with the MailChimp itself. For 5000 subscribers they charge you with almost $50 which is very reasonable considering the amount of the subscribers.

·        IContact

Another name when it comes to the competition with the Chimp Mail.

Above all these and following some are also the other ChimpMail alternatives that you need to know about

  • Mad Mimi
  • AWeber
  • Emma
  • Mailer lite
  • Constant contact.

Constant contact vs. MailChimp

Constant contact is what the MailChimp has real competition with and the comparison of both of these email marketing software will help us understand which one is actually better. Both of them are the best ones and that is why it’s difficult to choose from them and that is why this comparison is being conducted to understand the better one according to your needs. Constant contact is very easy to use while on the other hand, the MailChimp provides you with the endless image uploads. With constant contact you can compare the mobile and desktop results while with the MailChimp you can easily compare your results with the industry etc. so this was the MailChimp vs. constant contact comparison that can help you decide which one to go for.