A single mother with 7 kids trying to spend more time with her children, and at the same time to provide everything they need. It’s wasn’t easy to be DeAnne Stidham. She had to struggle for years before she reached where she is today and have her own fashion entrepreneur, LuLaRoe. But through all these years she learned important lessons. You have to believe in yourself and in other to get to where you need. And If someone told you that you can’t do something, then you can definitely do it.

That’s why LuLaRoe changed the lives of lots of women who thought that after having kids and staying at home you can’t offer anything to yourself anymore. DeAnne discovered that every woman loves fashion and shopping. So, she came up with a simple idea. Why not make all women retail sellers and consultants for LuLaRoe?

The idea was simple and brilliant. It started in 2014. Today there are many consultants that work with the company. If you want to buy LuLaRoe clothing in San Antonio TX, you need to locate one of those consultants, either by the consultant locator on the main site or by googling the internet. Then you need to view that consultant’s collection to pick the dress you like. Click on the link that comes after the dress description. Enter your information (Name, address, email, payment method,……etc.). Then all you need to do is wait for your dress.

You have to keep in mind that LuLaRoe isn’t a fashion line with hundreds of pieces of the same dress. Some are one piece only. Each dress has its own instructions on how to wash it and keep it clean. That means you will definitely be visible among others.

It’s not just a fashion product or some elegant dresses. LuLaRoe is a bond between thousands of people who are trying to prove that they can do anything. It’s a movement that involves people from all around the world. That’s why every dress or piece of cloth on LuLaRoe has its own story and background.

LuLaRoe presents many different styles that fit everyone. Young and old. Men and women. Practical middle-aged women and stylish teenage girls. Everybody can find what fits them and makes them look elegant and fashionable.

LuLaRoe is the living proof that dreams may come true. All you need to do is believe in yourself like DeAnne Stidham did. Then, everything will work just the way you want. That’s why LuLaRoe’s guideline is “We believe in you”.