The duty of the workers of logistics and supply chain management is to ensure that goods and services get into consumer’s hands. For economic development and growth the logistics industry plays a vital role. Logistics manager is needed in small as well as big businesses. They help to increase the economic growth by handling the accounts. Single person can handle all the records in a small business and in big organization a separate department is designated for supply chain operations and logistics.

There is a great career opportunity to get the education in the field of logistics supply chain operations. Some important job opportunities are given below

  1. Advanced Logistics and Supply Chain Management job
  2. Entry-Level Logistics and Supply Chain Management job
  3. Logistic management

There are several job titles in this industry which helps one’s career boost in supply chain operations.

  1. Warehouse operation Manager
  2. Inventory Control Manager
  3. International Logistics Manager
  4. Customer Service Manager
  5. Analyst
  6. Logistics Engineer
  7. Logistics Manager
  8. Logistics Services Salesperson
  9. Logistics Software Manager
  10. Materials Manager
  11. Purchasing Manager
  12. Warehouse Operation Manager
  13. Vendor Managed Inventory Coordinator
  14. Transportation Manager
  15. System Support Manager
  16. Purchasing Manager
  17. Production Manager

Take a step towards better tomorrow. The Certification in logistics supply chain operations is a good career opportunity. Step into the world of flourishing economic environment world by passing this certification. This certification works amazingly for achieving your career goals.

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In the classes of logistics supply chain operations programs cover the objectives of conflict resolution, statistics, international business, marketing, organization, finances, administration and ethics. By covering all these topics in the courses candidates will be able to get the business degree. They can avail following courses here

  1. Technology and Product Innovation Management
  2. Principles of Traffic Management
  3. Domestic and international Transportation Management
  4. Global Logistics Management
  5. Global Procurement and Supply Management
  6. Supply Chain Management Strategies
  7. Supply Chain Analysis
  8. Applied Data analysis

A logistic manager should have complete awareness about the software programs and have ability to track the movement of products. It is a career oriented field that has wide scope in the global market.