When we decided to build our house we wanted to be at the edge of the utility grid but still have access to wired infrastructure and water services. Our driveway is very long. We had to hire a company that has level 2 electrician employees to install the main electrical service from the road to the house. The utility company made the connection down at the road. The conduit runs along the driveway up to the house. We had them pull wires for phone and cable too. It is easier when you live in a house in the suburbs. They just run a wire to the nearest pole, and the water lines and sewer lines do not have to go that far to connect. Just being able to tie into the sewer system was expensive when we built our house.

However, we like the privacy while still being able to be connected to the utility grid. It is very convenient. I have lived where we had well water and a septic system. I remember my mother not being able to run the clothes washer if it had been raining significantly as the septic system would then overfill. Plus, I never liked the taste of well water. My parents used to buy me bottled water back when it was only available in gallon jugs.

My wife and I wanted privacy, but we still wanted to be connected to the grid. The level 2 electrician that was supervising the other workers said this is the longest residential service entrance he has ever installed. We made it an underground cable run as we had to dig the driveway up to where the house was being built anyway. Plus, it makes it so there are no poles with wires going along the driveway, and that makes for a much cleaner look.