How to care for car air conditioners. With good maintenance then your car’s cabin space remains cool throughout the journey. How exactly do I take care of the car air conditioning system, follow the following quick AC system maintenance instructions. Although AC is an enhancement in a car, but for Indonesia especially urban areas such as Jakarta, then equip AC in a car car is a must, what else when the road is jammed. Whether with the advent of cheap car programs will add to congestion jakarta. We’ll see the progress some time later.

In the latest vehicle, car air conditioning system is installed and there are some cars that use double AC so that all passengers feel the same comfort and can manage their own air conditioning needs.

In some other cars, for example the first generation Xenia only has one air conditioner, so the passengers in the back often feel the heat in the car room. The heat in the vehicle room is more pronounced when the weather is hot. Although the car is equipped with air conditioning, but if not maintained and well maintained in a short time will be quickly damaged air conditioning, or more often add freon because it is less cold. For more info you can visit Excel Air Conditioning

How to keep the vehicle AC functioning properly and durable. Of course your vehicle’s air conditioning system also requires maintenance like any other equipment. Caring for an air conditioning system on a car is not as complicated as you are and as a vehicle owner can take care of your own car air conditioner.

How to care for the correct car air conditioner. How to care for car air conditioning should be done regularly and painstakingly. If you are a busy person can certainly come to a place where special cooling system maintenance on the car. In short, car air conditioning should be treated properly.

There are several things that can trigger damage to the AC system in your car. If there is a problem with the AC system will certainly speed up the depletion of freon. Car interiors are also believed to aggravate freon work. Car seats coated with cloth (velvet) can aggravate the work of air conditioning and of course cooling the room in the car becomes longer and will certainly speed up the depletion of freon.