I use to feel like I wanted to just pull my hair out every two weeks when I did payroll for my employees. It got so frustrating that my wife took over the responsibility. She has her own career, and I have my own business, but she puts in the overtime doing the payroll for me. When she got a promotion that would stop her ability to do the biweekly payroll, I thought I would just hire someone else. Then she showed me the Intuit software she has been using and the full-featured Intuit payroll support she has access too.

I was doing it the old-fashioned way using tax tables and a calculator. She has set up a payroll system that makes it so that I can get it done myself in a fraction of the time that it used to take me to do. I had no problem going from not having anything to do with the payroll system for my business to taking over the full responsibility of it once again. My employees got a bit nervous when they heard I was going to be writing the checks again. They thought that the old mistakes I used to make would start all over again. I assured them that this system of payroll from Intuit that my wife began was easy enough that even I could do it without messing anything up.

I know the work that I need to do to make the actual money. I can teach the skills to others, and I can produce what needs to be produced to earn a good living. I am just not good at the paperwork side of things. Intuit makes it easy for me to get all my paperwork, including payroll, done without taking away time form the actual work needing to be done to keep the business thriving.