In order for any internet service provider to provide great conference Wi-Fi at events, they need to know the number of devices that will be connected, how the attendees will be using internet and what devices they will be using to connect to the internet. This will make it easier for the event organizers to plan and also get the right service from the right service provider. Trade Show Internet offers reliable solutions.

How Trade Show Internet will make sure that an event network connection remains uninterrupted

  • They lease the right bandwidth, offer a complete network design and rent the appropriate hardware. They will offer on ground management and deployment of the hardware to ensure that there is no network failure throughout the event.
  • Offer services such as high captive portals that enhance productivity of the attendees.
  • They become full responsible for the event network success and ensure both wired and wireless connectivity is set up at the same point of contact for easier billing and support.
  • They guarantee high speed internet service throughout the event.

Whether it is a festival, conference or even live entertainment and sporting events, Trade Show Internet offers custom networks appropriate for the event venues. Depending on the event especially the festivals, trade show will ensure that festival Wi-Fi and any other appropriate internet solution is provided for the success of your event.