IndiGo airlines have been providing some superb flights over the years, flying across the world and connecting almost every major airport. Now, for domestic flights, IndiGo has a brand-new realm of convenience in store for its huge customer base. Lots of people fly from one state to another in India and the number of people who are comfortable with air travel is increasing day by day. The worst thing for these passengers is to have to arrive three or four hours early to get in a queue for checking into the flight and getting their boarding pass. With IndiGo web check-in facility, this is no longer the case. No more irritable passengers getting cranky at long queues that never seem to move along. Just check in to the flight online and get a digital boarding pass.

Using the IndiGo web check-in online is a simple thing to do for any user. They can either go to the online portal or download the check-in mobile app to save a lot of time and effort. The best thing about the facility is that it is absolutely free and open to all. The only ones who cannot avail the benefits of the online check-in are unaccompanied minors, infants, and handicapped people. It is certainly better than having to spend hours at the queue or at a kiosk that for the life of you simply refuses to work. So, stop stressing out about flying to your destination – after all, flying is the most comfortable way to travel. Another thing to note is that after using the web check-in, there is not much else to do. Simply drop off the bags and head over to security clearance before boarding the flight. As long as the digital boarding pass and passport are with you, there are no more issues.

How to Use the We Check-In

Using the IndiGo web check-in facility to get the boarding pass is a simple process and is done and dealt with in a matter of minutes, if not seconds. All the user needs to do is access the online portal for checking in or download the mobile app to check in on the flight. The rest is a breeze. Simply click on ‘upload documents’ to upload the necessary documents and wait for the files to transfer. Once that is done, click on ‘Verify’ to get verified then and there. It is just that simple to use. After the verification is done, the boarding pass is made available to the passenger. They can either download it to their email, or simply carry it with them on their handheld device. If need be, the passenger can download the boarding pass and have a physical copy printed out. That is fine as well, and no additional steps follow after the check-in.

The only thing that the passenger needs to remember is to bring along the boarding pass generated by the IndiGo online check-in service. Otherwise, they would have to go back to the queue that they were trying to avoid so desperately and get a fresh boarding pass. This is definitely not a desirable result as it leads the user straight back to the dreaded queue. Also, something that arduous just before the boarding may not even leave the passenger with sufficient time to get a boarding pass, and may cause them to miss out on the flight. The ticket cancellation process is resolved by a simple phone call to the airline company even after the passenger has checked in online. The check-in process starts two days prior to the time of boarding and ends two hours prior to the same. This gives any passenger sufficient time to get the check-in done.

Fly Hassle-Free with Online Check-In

The IndiGo online check-in has made things much easier for its passengers. But like all convenience software, it has its own shortcomings that people need to be aware of. It is only available for domestic flights as it is far too difficult to get international permits for flight check-ins online. There are too many concerned parties involved and as a result, the technology is restricted to domestic flights only. This is still a giant leap, as the technology can only get the convenience factor made available if the people want it. The biggest doubt in people’s minds regarding the IndiGo web check-in facility is security. But these fears are absolutely unfounded as IndiGo offers top-notch security so that the documents that the passengers upload are kept absolutely safe. There is no real threat to the privacy or security of the individuals using the service. In today’s world, everything is going digital for the sake of simplicity and convenience. Why not use a premium feature that does not require the passenger to pay a dime extra for it? Enjoy the flight to the fullest by availing the web check-in facility for your next IndiGo flight.