Your friends probably have a ton of apartment hunting advice. They might swear by their broker, the neighborhood newsletter, or a psychic they like. Finding an affordable place to live in New York City still won’t be easy though. You can simplify if by following these tips though. If you really need something in the five boroughs and you need it under $1,000, use these tips.

Listen to Your Friends, Colleagues and Random Coffee Shop Talk. You can find a great place via word-of-mouth. Don’t wait for the topic to come up. Ask everyone you know or meet if they know of a good, reasonably priced place.

Find a Great Broker. Find a real estate broker based in the neighborhood in which you want to live. They know the neighborhood, management companies and landlords. Check its website religiously to view new listings.

Get the Papers. Make it the early morning edition. Read the classifieds. Chug coffee. Call landlords. You can find a gem, but remember, the early bird gets the studio with an epic view. Read the Daily News, Village Voice and New York Times. Also, try the Jewish Press and El Diario.

Take a hike – an urban hike. From edge to edge of the neighborhood you love, walk. Keep your head up and observe doors and windows for that beautiful “For Rent” sign. When you see it, inquire.

Use your employer or educational institution’s housing office. If you have to move due to work or school, the housing office of the respective organization should help you find a great place.

Inquire with community groups. Many community groups offer an available apartment list. Check with the neighborhood association.

Subscribe to the e-mail newsletter, The Listing Project. It lists about 750 available properties across the globe, but 80 percent of its listings usually lie within the five boroughs.

Ask about vacancies in your existing building, if you already live in the city. If you just need more room because you’re expecting a child or need to get a roommate, start where you already live.

Sign up with an apartment referral service. You’ll pay a monthly fee to the service for access to its apartment list. Most only list no fee apartments.

Read those magazine-style apartment guides. They make a great starting point for corporate managed buildings, especially.

Start early so you can go on waiting lists or join apartment lotteries. You can apply for affordable housing (including Section 8) at the following:

  • NYC Housing Authority (NYCHA),
  • NYC Housing Development Corporation (HDC),
  • NYC Department of Housing Preservation & Development (HPD).

Once you find a stupendous candidate, swoop in with a ready credit report showing your great rating, a cashier’s or bank check for the deposit, first month’s and last month’s rent and any pet or other deposits required. Offer to move in early Bayrock. The landlord gets more money this way and they like that. You can find a great, affordable apartment in New York City by using all of these tips and putting in the time and effort.