The commercial world is being built with concrete. It is in just about every form of construction that I can think of. There are concrete highways and buildings. My wood-framed house has a concrete footer, a block wall made from concrete blocks and a concrete floor in the basement. Our sidewalks are concrete as well as our driveway. Foreign construction is also largely driven using concrete as a major building component. The Focus concrete batch plant in Indonesia is building Indonesia’s infrastructure.

In our country I have heard that the concrete in the Hoover Dam built many decades ago is still curing in the center. That is amazing to think about. I wonder if they ever drilled out a core sample to check that out. Concrete can also be a problem if not done right. There is a highway where I live that was redone. They poured miles of concrete and then the compression strength tests failed. The project needed to be redone. I don’t remember them digging it back up, but they have been working on that section now for years and years making repairs. What should have lasted for decades just gets patched a lot now.

I have poured concrete sidewalks and worked with small batches of concrete mixed from bags too. I am amazed at how that gray mud, stones and sand turn into a hard surface you can drive trucks on. For major projects involving concrete in our area now they bring in mobile batch plants. They set up with machines and giant piles of raw materials. The concrete trucks keep getting filled on an assembly line basis. This allows them to pour hundreds and hundreds of cubic yards of concrete per day. It is an amazing thing to watch. I have observed large areas around where I live being covered in concrete and asphalt to support businesses and residences. It seems like the world will soon be one big patch of concrete.