Some amazing quotes of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Chris Oyakhilome, a Nigerian Pastor, who was also founding leader of Christ Embassy, which is a Christian Bible-based office that has its headquarters in Lagos. He had been born on the 7th of December of 1963 and he is known all over the world for his healing acts abs also for the books that he’s written.

Within, a brief time period, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has been successful in securing his reaching, curing within the hearts of a greater number of Nigerians. This happens to be the reason for which even following his separation from Anita, he continues being a domestic name in the nation of Nigeria. Below are some of the quotes of Chris Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy that are truly able to inspire you and transform your life.

His quote on tackling problems

It isn’t what you are up against that is the dilemma but it’s your act in such a situation.  What you experience isn’t the vital thing.  What is really of consequence is your action with that experience.

 His quote regarding getting over problems

Each and every problem is accompanied by its solution and the greater the dilemma is the greater the testimony. Thus, there is no need to be worried.

 His quote regarding the purpose of God for your existence

If by the time you’re aged 30 years you are unaware of what you have been brought into the World to do it is most likely that you are never going to know

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Living at the Edge of the Public Utility Grid

When we decided to build our house we wanted to be at the edge of the utility grid but still have access to wired infrastructure and water services. Our driveway is very long. We had to hire a company that has level 2 electrician employees to install the main electrical service from the road to the house. The utility company made the connection down at the road. The conduit runs along the driveway up to the house. We had them pull wires for phone and cable too. It is easier when you live in a house in the suburbs. They just run a wire to the nearest pole, and the water lines and sewer lines do not have to go that far to connect.… Read More


The Advantages When Hiring Portugal Prime For Business Deals

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LuLaRoe… We believe in you

A single mother with 7 kids trying to spend more time with her children, and at the same time to provide everything they need. It’s wasn’t easy to be DeAnne Stidham. She had to struggle for years before she reached where she is today and have her own fashion entrepreneur, LuLaRoe. But through all these years she learned important lessons. You have to believe in yourself and in other to get to where you need. And If someone told you that you can’t do something, then you can definitely do it.

That’s why LuLaRoe changed the lives of lots of women who thought that after having kids and staying at home you can’t offer anything to yourself anymore. DeAnne discovered that every woman loves fashion and shopping. So, she came up with a simple idea. Why not make all women retail sellers and consultants for LuLaRoe?

The idea was simple and brilliant. It started in 2014. Today there are many consultants that work with the company. If you want to buy LuLaRoe clothing in San Antonio TX, you need to locate one of those consultants, either by the consultant locator on the main site or by googling the internet. Then you need to view that consultant’s collection to pick the dress you like. Click on the link that comes after the dress description. Enter your information (Name, address, email, payment method,……etc.). Then all you need to do is wait for your dress.

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