How Secure is the AWS Cloud for Customers

If you’re considering moving your business to the cloud, you may have looked into Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS has been a leader in cloud services for some time, but recent breaches in security have shaken many customers’ faith in the platform. Before you dive into AWS, consider just how secure this leading platform truly is.

Recent Breaches

Image via Flickr by Ray_LAC

One of the biggest breaches in security for AWS servers happened back in July 2017. Over 14 million Verizon customers had their information exposed simply because one contractor working for the organization didn’t secure the data. The customer information was stored on an AWS S3 server, and the contractor left the data open to anyone who had the web address. Luckily, Verizon caught the error before anyone actually found the data.

Another more recent breach happened in September 2017 when Accenture accidentally exposed 137GB of confidential patient data to the public. Four AWS servers were unsecured, meaning anyone could have easily downloaded the content if they had the web address. Luckily, a security researcher found the breach and reported it to Accenture before anyone could take advantage of it.

Built-in Security Features

Despite these harrowing tales of vulnerable data, AWS offers a plethora of safety features to keep your information private. There are plenty of infrastructure security capabilities, including network firewalls, encryption in transit, and connectivity options. You can also utilize DDoS migration, data encryption, and regular scans by a security assessment service. With AWS CloudTrail, you … Read More


What You Didn’t Know About Becoming a Renowned Yoga Teacher

When it comes to Yoga instructors and teachers, we often perceive them as being not just flexible but also as individuals who have reached a certain degree of spiritual enlightenment. To the layman, they are paragons of serenity and peace, passing down their knowledge and experience in this mystical art form to their students. However, as important as these factors are, serving as an inspiration to others and being a source of wisdom are just the tip of the iceberg. For those interested in becoming a renowned Yoga teacher, here are a few things that you may not be aware of.

  1. The most respected Yoga teachers are usually insured

In a profession that not just prides itself on its practice of promoting physical and mental health as well as wellness, there are still risks of injury involved. While it certainly isn’t correct to expect the worst to happen, it is good common practice to be prepared for it. Being insured by companies such as Next Insurance is the shield that protects not only the reputation of the instructor, but the business as well. No matter how many safeguards are put in place to ensure absolute safety for everyone, we can never tell what might happen.

  1. The lives of the best instructors don’t always revolve around Yoga

As weird as this may sound, becoming a renowned and successful Yoga teacher demands that you put in time and effort into other areas besides Yoga. From marketing yourself and your classes to honing … Read More


Home Cleaning Business Opportunities

Opening home cleaning services business is a small capital business opportunity that can be done by everyone. You can use the best leaf shredder review.

Why is this business interesting?

Most people are busy with their day-to-day work at the office. They sometimes do not have enough time to clean their homes.

Likewise with the office, many office owners who prefer to find cleaning service or cleaning the room of home and office as a more effective alternative.

This business is not A Mans World but women can also as long as you who have business sensitivity can take advantage of this opportunity to open a business offering cleaning services for home or office.

Before you run the business, learn some tips on success when starting a home cleaning service business below:

  1. Your hygiene team appearance should be interesting first.

You should have thought about the good uniform as well as the ID that comes with your company logo. This will make people who use your home cleaning services will be more trust with the services you offer.

  1. Work fast but not perfunctory.

Working quickly and thoroughly should always be emphasized to your team. We recommend that your team start work cleaning offices at night because no worker will reduce the performance of your cleaning team.

Conversely, for home, your team should work during the day. During the day most homeowners are unemployed workers.

  1. Open a good website to offer your own home cleaning services.

You can provide space … Read More


How to Make Simple Crossbow

abeveda.com – Who does not know Crossbow? Yes, traditional weapons made in the Middle Ages. Crossbow is very important in the war especially in the war that occurred in the Middle Ages.

Crossbow appears for the first time in China, Ancient Greece, and Rome. The method of this tool is to utilize a string tension in the arc that its position remains until the user releases it. So the arrows will rush very quickly to the target.

Crossbow comes with a variety of types and shapes ranging from the smallest to the form of ballista weaponry. Crossbow consists of arrows and a very strong bow. This tool has a good accuracy and strength. So it can produce an effective penetration due to the power of kinetic energy it releases.

Crossbow appears for the first time in China, Ancient Greece, and Rome. This tool has an extraordinary method that is by utilizing a string tension in the arc that its position remains until the user releases the voltage on the rope. So the arrows will rush very quickly to the target.

If you want to learn to use the crossbow, of course, we have to animate it. Thus you will quickly be able to use the crossbow.

In comparison to the difficulty in learning to crossbow and longbow, a strong British army can take up to 1 year to hone the accuracy of casting a child to the goal. However, as mentioned above, in learning to master the crossbow does not … Read More


Beautiful Beaches in Greece

The Greek island nation is a ‘fresh’ destination for tourists. One reason is because there are dozens of exotic beaches stretching along the coast. For you beach lovers, this is a dream destination! Even from the air, you can see the gradations of dark blue, light blue, and pure white around the islands. With a coastline of 13,676 kilometers, there are dozens of points of destination you should visit. Crossing islands and visit the beaches, of course, are good ideas. To cross the islands, you can simply ride a ferry and Hostelbay book Ferry Pass.

In Greece, the beauty of this coastline is supported by exceptional cleanliness. You will not find rubbish strewn on the shoreline. There is only a clear blue sea and clear, blend with white sand beaches clean. Sometimes you have to go through pine forests, cliffs, and palm tree forests to reach some remote beaches. But it certainly pays off when you are faced with a real heaven in sight!

There are several beaches that you must visit when on holiday to Greece.

  1. Arvanitis (Nafplion, Peloponnese)

Forget the urban atmosphere of Greece and come to this gorgeous beach. Arvanita Beach is famous for tourists because of its stunning views. If you are on the way from Mycenae to Epidaurus or vice versa, this is the right place to rest. The presence of a bathroom and a clean room into an additional facility for your swimming activities!

  1. Paradise (Mykonos, Cyclades)

As the name implies, this beach … Read More