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What is the Importance of Making Tax Digital for Businesses?

As digital technology continues to evolve there are revolutionary changes in the business world. Advanced software allows huge volumes of work to be done in short durations of time and paperwork has become a thing of the past.

Government’s around the world have embraced these advancements, using new initiatives to design and transform the tax systems in their countries by digitalising them. As a result, individuals and businesses are now able to file their VAT (Value Added Tax) returns easily and maintain their records using compatible digital tax software.

Businesses that are VAT registered are expected to use the digital tax platform, reducing the occurrence of errors and ensuring that an accurate amount of tax is paid in due time.

Some businesses may be apprehensive about the change in systems but it is essential to keep in mind the advantages that will come with the initiative. Some of the benefits of Making Tax Digital for businesses include:

  1.    Say goodbye to paperwork

Have you ever tried looking for a specific document in a huge pile of files? Searching for physical copies of documents can be a time-consuming process. Making Tax Digital compliant software allows the automation of financial records in your business and also allows you to make updates easily. With all of your data in one place, it becomes easier to get any information that you want – giving a higher level of transparency for both the government and your business.

  1.    Reduce errors

Avoidable tax mistakes can cost your company … Read More


When a Lawyer’s Zeal Matters More than His Oath: The Case of Frederick Oberlander

In a 2010 legal dispute over the meaning of full disclosure, a real property investment firm found itself on the receiving end of a complaint regarding the history of one of its partners, Felix Slater. The accusation–levied by New York attorney Frederick Oberlander–contended that the company, involved in capital projects like the Trump SoHo hotel, kept the native Russian’s criminal record under wraps. The ensuing months and years saw Oberlander in and out of court regarding his original petition. Upon careful scrutiny of the actions and articles posted on this website, however, Oberlander’s representations appear less credible and more disingenuous.

Court documents reveal, for one thing, that Oberlander’s actions as a lawyer in this matter may have crossed the line in terms of professional conduct. Most telling was his unauthorized employment of confidential information from Sater’s criminal records–records quarantined from use by a federal judge in recognition of Sater’s willing and far-reaching cooperation with U.S. attorneys. When apprised of Oberlander’s unlawful release of the sealed material, the district court, backed by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit, enjoined the lawyer from further leaking. This appellate court sits in New York City and hears cases from parts of New York State, Connecticut and Vermont.

Five years after the initial complaint by Oberlander, the district court hearing the case ordered penalties against him while simultaneously voiding most of Oberlander’s accusations. When handing down the sanctions, the court reminded the lawyer that he had–more than once–disobeyed judicial instructions … Read More


Thai Work Permit Changes Means More Opportunities for Foreign Workers

Chief of the Phuket Provincial Employment Office Kattiya Pandech has confirmed that foreigners holding Thai work permits are now free to work for any employer in almost any field in Thailand, thanks to new provisions which are now in effect. Previously, foreign workers were required to abide by a number of regulations and restrictions on their work permit; they were only allowed to work in Thailand based on the location, type of work, and employer listed on their permit.

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Work Anywhere in Thailand:

If you’re considering moving to Thailand for work, the new permit rules may benefit you since you will have the freedom to work in any profession, location and for any employer. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that certain careers are off limits for foreign visitors to Thailand. These include most manual labor jobs, legal counselling and tour guiding amongst 25 more. As long as your work falls outside of these restrictions and you have the correct work permit and visa, you can make an income doing almost anything during your stay.

Current Work Permit Holders:

The new rules also apply to current Thai work permit holders. Around sixteen thousand physical work permits have been issued to foreign workers in Thailand between March and July of this year, which still list the previous restrictions. Kattiya highlighted that Note 2 can now be disregarded. This states that work permit holders shall engage and perform works in only the particular category of work with the … Read More


Why Trading Bronze in the Forex is a Golden Deal

  1. Why Invest In Bronze?

There is a consensus among investors about how much should you diversify your investments. Diversifying too much becomes a problem when you are not able to maintain a good control of your finances but having more than one type of investment is definitely ideal.

Bronze could be an outstanding addition to your trading portfolio. If you’ve ever read about trading gold or silver in the Forex, you might be wondering: “Why bronze?”

Well, the value of bronze has actually been going up for the last couple of years due to its historical significance and for being a hot metal in the forex bronze market.

Although the same thing can be said about its counterparts gold and silver, the proportion of the growth of the value of Bronze is actually much more impressive than the other two. With the cost of Bronze going up, it is an excellent investment, both short-term and long-term.

When forex trading, you have to be aware of the products that you are dealing with. For bronze, this is no exception.

Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin, or some other component such as silicon and aluminum. Historically speaking, the metal could also be found mixed with other substances such as manganese and arsenic.

Considering the number of bronze artifacts that are found throughout the world from many cultures and civilizations, bronze has an enduring value in society, and it used to be a social indication of status and power.… Read More


Make Sure to Consult with Financial Expert To Improve your Family Financial

A standout amongst the most critical thing you have to manage well in your life is your financial plan, with legitimate financial plan you wont need to stress over the wellbeing of your family and guarantee that your family will live joyfully even after you bite the dust. By planning your financial through estate planning, you will have the capacity to guarantee that your family will in any case increase financial salary from your wills and trusts. In any case, since this zone of law is affected by such a large number of factors and elements, you will require assistance from trusted and dependable estate planning attorney to guarantee that you will have the capacity to safe noteworthy time and exertion. You might already know movie producer Philippe Hancock as film producer, but also as a member of EBS. S.A. Hence, today i will give you a regulated guide on the most proficient method to choose an estate planning attorney or member of EBS S.A. that capable to provide you with consultation and will have the capacity to help you with estate planning and trust, ensure you read till end of this article.

The first step is figure out if you require an attorney or not. Regardless of the measure of your land or individual property, make a document pack and plan estate all alone is a smart thought. Nonetheless, with the assistance of professional legal help, you will have the capacity to guarantee that you are going into the … Read More