The travel industry is just as diverse as it is strange.  There are thousands of travel services offered, most of which we go completely unaware of.  Sure, some of these are pretty lavish but others you may legitimately save your travel experience. Especially if your job makes you a contributor to the 488 million business trips that are taken each year.

Here are 7 travel services you should know about:

The Sleep Concierge

New York’s Benjamin hotel offers a sleep concierge who can do everything from asses your sleeping habits and offer you a pillow form the pillow menu, order you a sleep-inducing massage from the Salon, or even get you some snacks or drinks that will help you drift off into la-la land.

While this might seem extravagant, which of us has not wished for some help getting to sleep while on the road? While it is a service you might not find everywhere, next time you find yourself with insomnia at a hotel, it isn’t a horrible thing to suggest.

Unusual Vending Machines

Need a new phone? Forget your swimsuit? Want to buy an Amazon e-reader? There’s a vending machine for that.

Yes, some airports and hotels offer vending machines with more than just your normal snack fare, and Amazon has reportedly experimented with even more sophisticated ones, offering products frequently purchased right in airports or other areas travelers frequent.

The Standard Hotel Chain offers swimsuit vending poolside, with specially designed suits that include a mini city guide on the waistband, showing local hotspots and attractions.

Before long, you might be able to get even more things just by stopping by a vending machine and inserting your credit card.

Airline Dispute Services

Ever have a beef with your airline when traveling the often not so friendly skies? Don’t have the time, expertise and effort to put into seeking a refund or restitution for your flight cancellation or delay? There are companies who will do it for you.

One called simply Service gets you flight compensation of your flight has been cancelled or even delayed. The company only charges you if they get compensation from the airline, and can even get you compensation for past flights.

It’s a pretty cool and simple way to avoid the conflict with the airline yourself, and still come out of it with some satisfaction.

Device Check-In at Hotels

Need a real vacation, truly unplugged? The Marriot’s Renaissance Pittsburg Hotel may be just the place for you. Guests must check in their laptops, phones, and other devices at the front desk. In their place, the hotel offers some great books for the visitor to engage in.

This might seem severe, but one of the reasons we go on vacation is to unplug and get away, and this is a way to ensure guests do just that. So if you are looking for time with no electronics and communication, this may be a great option for you.

Let Someone Else Choose Your Destination

The company Get Going, now a part of BCD Travel has added a feature that allows you, the user, to select two different destinations, and then allow the sit to pick where you will actually go. This adds some excitement to the travel process, as you don’t know where you will end up.

The service offers a discount on travel if you let them do this, in large part due to the fact that certain destinations are not as popular as they once were, and airlines want to entice tourists to look at them again.

The concept is sound, and if you are looking for a more adventurous trip and having trouble deciding where to go, this type of service may offer an answer for you.

Travel Personalization

One big trend in marketing right now is website personalization, or tailoring every person’s website journey based on their likes, dislikes, shopping habits, location and more. In the case of travel, some companies are trying to do the same thing.

Soverinn asks tourists to provide their ideal travel information and destination, and then encourages local hotels and other tourist attractions to work together to provide a unique experience that is also uniquely priced.

Babysitters in the Sky

Been on a long flight with the kids, and you are just looking for a break? Nanny in the Cloud offers to connect you with babysitters on the same flight, someone you can have watch your kids while you catch a little sleep or even just enjoy the inflight movie in piece.

Got too much on your plate and the kids are stressing you out? Here is a way that you can get your needed down time while still traveling with the family.

There are constantly innovations in the travel and tourist industry, and there is always something new to try. Travel agents, hotels, airlines, and more are all competing for your dollars, and to get your attention they will offer special deals, unusual services, and go above and beyond to get you to visit again.

These services may be ones you have never heard of before, but they may be just the thing to take your next vacation (or contribution to the company’s frequent flyer miles) from good to great.