After a point, when we all grow up, we hardly find that ample time to spend with ourselves. So, the rest of the world – friends, and relatives don’t really complain much because they are also grappling with the same set of problem and that is “time”.  Among all these friends and relatives, siblings constitute a very special part of our lives because we have grown up with these people. Festivals or special occasions are the times when we get that time to meet and greet each other after a long gap and thus we should make an effort to create some wonderful memories with these people. The upcoming festival is Raksha Bandhan, when you would be buying rakhi online in India. Take some cues from the following and spend some quality time with your childhood best friend.

A Lot of Stories in One Movie: Plan a movie date with all your siblings. Some of you are married now and have kids at home but keep the kids to your parents for some 3-4 hours and go out with your siblings. This would bring back so many memories of your childhood when you used to collect every Rs. 2 coin and calculate at month end to catch up a movie. There will be lots of fun and frolic at the theater for sure and suddenly you would know what you were missing in all these years!

Outdoor Vacation: You can go for a road trip when you all are gathering after a pretty long time. There must be locations near your place where you can go and come back in a day. Eat and drink from the roadside joints, stop somewhere to enjoy a piece of folk music, and have a day filled with golden memories which you would cherish even after a decade.

Shopping: This category is specifically for all the sisters who would be meeting during Raksha Bandhan. Take your sisters and go for shopping. We all know that shopping for girls don’t only encircle shopping. It includes eating out, ogling at other men, going for a spa, and of course bitching about the rest of the family members. Do that and feel better!

Visiting Old Village: Most of us have moved out of our old ancestral villages – right? We have heard stories about this village from our parents or have visited it in our childhood. But then with growing up and handling other things in life, leaves you with less time to visit the ancestral village. This Raksha Bandhan when you would be spending time with your siblings, you can pay a visit to your roots which would be really nostalgic.

Picnic: When you and your siblings have gathered at your place, you must pack your bags with some snacks and collect the utensils, gas stove, and cooking ingredients and go somewhere to spend the day in a picnic just like the childhood days. Choose a place near the lake or atop hill and make sure you don’t spread the litter. Collect all the garbage and drop it in a dust bin only. Indulge in the game of cricket, chess, and carom and have fun! Opt for online rakhi delivery for the one brother who is missing from this fun back home and do write him about all these fun you had.