As the job market becomes increasingly competitive, higher education is now a prerequisite for virtually any type of gainful employment. However, while a bachelor’s degree can certainly open doors, many employers show preference to applicants who hold MBAs and other advanced degrees. Putting forth the time and effort to complete an MBA program signifies strength, smarts and leadership abilities, so there’s little wonder as to why MBA holders are so attractive to big-name companies. Furthermore, having an MBA under your belt qualifies you for a wide range of rewarding careers. MBA students and graduates on the hunt for salaried fulltime employment can choose from the following positions.

1. Corporate Accountant

If you’re interested in getting a job with a large-scale accounting firm or working in the accounting department of a multinational corporation, an MBA is an absolute must. Anyone who wants to manage the finances of big-name companies and individuals needs to possess a knack for data processing, number crunching and problem solving – which a good MBA program can give you. If you’re curious about why employers hold MBAs in such high regard, you can find out why here.

2. Operations Manager

Businesses large and small are constantly on the hunt for skilled operations managers. As the title implies, these individuals are tasked with overseeing the day-to-day operations of various departments within an organization. In order to effectively perform in this role, operations managers need top-notch people skills and strong leadership abilities, both of which are heavily emphasized in most MBA programs. For this reason, an MBA is often a prerequisite for being considered for such a position.

3. Systems Manager

MBA graduates with a passion for new technology make great systems managers. These individuals oversee the maintenance of various computer networks and take responsibility for their overall security. Because this entails working closely with programmers, engineers and cyber security experts, experience in management and collaboration is sure to serve you well in this role.

It’s no secret that today’s job market can be difficult to navigate. In order to land a gainful fulltime position, jobseekers often need to go the extra mile in making themselves attractive to prospective employers. That being the case, enrolling in an accredited MBA program is a wise use of your time, energy and resources. A career in corporate accounting, overseeing operations or systems management can provide you with professional satisfaction and financial security for years to come.