At the young age, in addition to looking for the identity, it is good to remember that you are not always will be productive forever. When you are young and have a lot of time and effort to do a variety of jobs for the sake of looking for incomes. But remember that you also have a limit on productivity time. When you are actively working, you also need to collect pensions.

Should you collect the pension while you are still young? Why should you prepare the early retirement fund? From the beginning, you have to start the preparation of pension funds because you naturally want to retire comfortably. The challenge is to retire filthy rich, but sometimes you still don’t know how.

Enforce Saving And Investing

In many cases, the salary only lasts for half a month. Indeed, just how pleased when you receive a salary at the beginning of the month. But remember, the nominal salary shall be set aside for the necessities of life, the monthly routine like paying the mortgage, insurance or other costs of living. From now on, once you set aside the monthly costs, don’t forget to set aside the salary for the sake of saving. Saving is indeed difficult when you’re young, but try to make it a priority after meet the primary needs.

In addition to saving money, it’s good to try to invest. The investment is one of the solutions to earn the passive income. The difference with savings is there … Read More