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The Most Common Reasons Why Slip and Fall Accidents Happen

You know several people who were involved in slip and fall accidents. While some were able to stand up after what happened, some opted to take matters the legal route and sue the negligent party for what happened. All of these things made you conclude that slip and fall accidents are not only physically painful but mentally draining as well. To help you stay away from slip and fall accidents and the unwanted stress linked to such, consider the list below on the most common reasons for slip and fall accidents:


  1. Wet and uneven surfaces: This is the most obvious reason why slip and fall accidents happen. When the floor is wet or uneven, it makes walking very difficult and hazardous for many. Anyone walking in residential, private and commercial spaces can be a victim of slip and fall accidents if floors are not properly maintained. And while this can be one of the reasons why slip and fall accidents happen, this can be avoided through proper housekeeping and ensuring that spaces are clutter-free at all times.


  1. Weather conditions: Nobody can control the weather, which is why avoiding slip and fall accidents due to weather conditions can be challenging. For example, you can’t predict what time the snow will fall or which part of the road will become too icy after the snow. If you’re not aware of these things, you’re actually putting your safety at risk.

  1. Improper training: When you’re at work, you can also be a victim
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Telltale Signs That a Loved One Is a Victim of Nursing Home Abuse

You sent your parents to a nursing home because you can no longer take care of them. You have your own family now, and maybe you’re also working abroad or in another city, so looking after your parents 24/7 is not feasible.

Months after sending them to a nursing home, though, you notice changes in your parents’ behavior. You can’t pinpoint what, but you’re thinking they’re being abused in the nursing home. To help you make a sound conclusion, consider these telltale signs that a loved one is a victim of nursing home abuse.

Frequent Unexpected Hospitalizations

When your loved one’s health is deteriorating, they can be hospitalized now and again. This is something you come to expect. However, when your loved ones are being hospitalized too frequently without a diagnosis directly linked to their current health problems, you should be wary.

This is one sign that your loved ones are being abused in the nursing home. Their frequent hospital visits might be because the caregivers are not giving them their medicines on time or they are not provided with healthier meals.

Unexplained Bruises or Scars

During your visits to the nursing home, you have noticed several bruises and scars on different parts of your loved one’s body. When you ask him or her where the marks came from, he or she gives you excuses, or perhaps you’re not give a reason at all. If you have been in this kind of situation often, watch out. Most often than not, … Read More


Car vs. Pedestrian Accident Liability

A car accident occurs when a car crashes with an animal, debris, other stationary object such as trees, or a pedestrian, and even another vehicle. It is common nowadays in any part of the world, and the results can be devastating to both the driver and the pedestrian.

In the United States, traffic and personal injury laws cover car accidents. The process involved in bringing a case to court is tedious, and often takes months or years before a judgment is rendered.

The court decides auto accident cases after involved parties and attorneys have gathered evidence, interviewed the witnesses and the opposing parties, and the judge has applied the law to determine who is libel.

Whoever is at fault has to pay damages and hospitalization bills to another party. There are times that both the driver and the pedestrian are at fault in the accident.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, or NHTSA, there are about 5,000 people killed and 64,000 people injured each year in car-pedestrian accidents in the United States.

Meanwhile, car speed is a significant factor in one-third of the auto-accidents. The faster a driver is on the road, the higher the chances for the pedestrian and driver to sustain injuries and death.

In this article, we will outline in detail liability options for car vs. pedestrian accidents.

Driver Is Liable Because Required “Due Care” in Operating Automobiles

Every driver has a responsibility to operate an automobile with … Read More