Looking After Your Body: Before and After the Gym

Have you already given up your new year resolution? Don’t worry – it is never too late! The gym can help to improve not just your physical fitness, but also your happiness by releasing endorphins as you work out. So, let’s kickstart with positivity and starting your motivation by reading these tips.

Before the Gym

  1. Getting some good night sleep!

Being sleep deprived on the days before you exercise can have a huge effect on your body by causing fatigue.  Not only that, it can also increase your appetite for sugary and fatty foods as a result of your brain is not getting enough energy from sleep. This can cause the opposite effect of losing weight from gym workouts. Besides, sleep is actually great for stress relief, as you can handle stress head on a daily basis.

  1. Eating Correctly

Never try to exercise on an empty stomach. Soon enough, you will run out of energy fairly quickly, and feel sick as a result. Remember, food is your main source of fuel in the gym. Try eating some light snack or meal such as fruits for healthy sugars, grains for carbohydrates, and anything related to protein to gain muscle.

  1. Wear Fitness Clothing!

Wearing breathable fitness clothing is commonly neglected when it comes to hitting the gym. Stretchy fabrics increase body movement and makes your body able to fully exercise. This also includes wearing the right gym trainers otherwise you can cause yourself an injury. Compression leggings are beneficial for running as … Read More