10 Tips for Cold Emailing

While email marketing is not necessarily fraught with the same negative connotations of cold calling, it still remains a daunting process. However, when approached the right way, it can be one of the most effective ways to build a customer base and drive engagement with your website, product, or service. Here are ten tips to help you send more effective cold emails:


Know Your Prospect


While there are some people out there who can, in fact, sell ice cream to Eskimos, it is certainly a lot easier to sell them blankets. You should do your best to truly understand the people on your prospect list and their interests. If you are creating a mass cold email, try to find a unifying trait that everybody on your list – or at least the vast majority – can get on board with, and make that an important part of your outreach.


Preface Your Outreach


It is a good idea to know your prospect. It’s even better if they know you. Don’t be afraid to reach out to them on social media prior to your outreach. This sort of proactive outreach prefacing a campaign is best handled in the weeks preceding a campaign. You don’t want the outreach to be too long prior to the campaign, or else you run the risk of your prospect forgetting you. Alternatively, immediate outreach after congratulating them on their LinkedIn work anniversary (for example) can seem insincere.

Work the Clock


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