3 ways to improve your finances right now

You can make a difference today.

The New Year is always a great time to make positive change – especially when it comes to your finances. If times are tight, or you just don’t feel that you’re in control where money is concerned, 2018 could be the year that you change all that. If you want to make a difference immediately there are 3 simple ways you can improve your finances right now.

  1. Make budgeting a priority

Budgeting isn’t just about being “good with money,” anyone can do it. If you were to sit down and make a budget for the first time today it would give you the opportunity to understand your finances, where your money goes and where you could make savings. That kind of insight can have a huge impact on the state of your finances. Total up all your income and then expenses. Divide expenses from the last month into essentials and extras. Then, with this newly acquired knowledge, set spending and saving targets for the next day/week/month. If you’ve never really been good with money because you’ve struggled to get perspective on your finances, starting to budget is the moment the clouds will begin to clear.

  1. Set financial goals and earn more cash to meet them

Many of us simply live from payday to payday without looking any further ahead. With that kind of approach it’s very easy to feel like you never make much progress when it comes to your finances. And it’s easy … Read More


10 Things you could buy if you won the lottery

What could you get if money were no object?

Your chances of winning the lottery are roughly 1 in 14 million. So, they’re pretty slim. But, what would you do if you were the holder of that lucky 1 in 14 million ticket? Just think about it – no more worrying about fuel bills, rent or loan repayments on your guarantor loans or doorstep loans – imagine if they were a thing of the past?

Just in case you’re ever in that position, here are 10 things you could buy if you won the lottery.

  1. A new home. Property prices are unaffordable for many these days but if you won the lottery you could buy a new home mortgage-free. In fact, you could probably buy several.

  1. Art. We’re talking famous, world-renowned art here. For example, if you’d won a jackpot of 33 million you could buy 6% of the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci (if it’s for sale..).

  1. A private island. If you’re sick of not being able to find a spot on the beach for your sun lounger or suffering the queues for the bar when you go on holiday, winning the lottery could change all that. There are private islands for sale all over the world for around $100,000 so you’ll never have to share your sunsets again.

  1. A private jet. Air travel has enabled us to see the world but today it’s often a less than comfortable experience on a commercial plane. Not so
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