This Is How A Fog Cannon Works

The misting canon has five main components: heat exchanger, the pressure pump, fog machine fluid, remote control, and the nozzle. The fog fluid stored in a tank is forced by the pressure pump through the heat exchanger and heats up to 400⁰F. The fog fluid vaporizes at this temperature and is emitted to the atmosphere through the nozzle. This is what we normally see as the fog once the vapor contacts a cool atmosphere.

The pump

This is basically a piston pump that conveys the fog juice from its tank to heat exchanger. It normally produces some sounds during the operation.

The heat exchanger

It is a metal block that consists of an inbuilt heating element and a thermostat to regulate temperatures. It heats the fog juice which is expelled via the nozzle. Different fog machines have different wattage ratings ranging from 400W to 1300W. A model with a high ‘Watts’ produces more fog and its heat exchanger is more powerful hence it goes through the re-heat cycle less frequently.

The nozzle

It is normally made of brass and contains a small opening which emits a vapor that is pumped at a high pressure. It becomes extremely hot and no one should touch it or place a flammable substance near it.

Remote control

Modern misting systems are controlled remotely with a single button and so their operations are very simple. To release the fog, the button is held down and to stop the fog, the button is released. A timer … Read More


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