Why do Indians wear feathers on their heads?

Indians do collect feathers from various species of birds for various purposes, especially for making headdresses. Today, Indians have special permission to collect eagle feathers while non-Indians are not allowed by the American government.

For the Indian fur is not just an ornament but it has a high spiritual meaning. Like trust, appreciation, strength, wisdom, freedom and more. They believe that the Eagles have a special relationship with Heaven because they fly very close. The Indians believe that the Eagle is the king of birds because it flies very high. Not only that, Eagle also has the ability to see better than the other birds. When the Indians get their fur, it is a symbol of the gift from “above”.

Indian Headress

The most popular Indian headress is the War Bonnet made by Native American with silver designs. The most popular of the War Bonnet is made with one or two layers and extends backwards like a tail and even to the point that touches the ground. This is called Bonnet War Trailer.

Another popular Bonnet War is Halo War Bonnet. War Bonnet is more formal and used by Crow who has been senior to this day. The design of the War Bonnet is typical with its feathers hanging around the face and forming an oval circle.

In addition to the two types above, there is also a fur used upright above the head. This type usually appears higher than the others and it has a narrower construction.

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