How To Raise The Venture Capital Easily?

The best technique to convince a venture capital firm for any start-up is not to increase the capital as long as possible. If you have the potential to take your start-up to a much higher level without raising many funds, you will certainly find yourself in a more comfortable and relaxed position as compared to others in the future while sitting in front of the investor at the early stage of your business.

Essential Tips To Follow

That is not surely compulsory for all the aspects; it is only to make your venture capital raising campaign a little bit more smooth while sailing. You can also raise your venture capital at the initial stage because these investors are always determined to make the risky investments for the start-ups that have higher potential. Certain tips should be kept in mind and followed while approaching the venture capitalists that will prevent you from making the commonest mistakes and bring more convenience to your campaign.

Get Ready For The Challenge

It is the bit of a challenge, but with all the necessary tools in hand, you will certainly be able to find the process even more exciting as a learning experience which itself is great. Once you can convince the investors to fund your start-up, you will be perhaps the luckiest person. Leaving the capital aside, the venture capital companies offer numerous value-added services which also include the financial offering and managerial guidance along with increasing contacts. To get through all of this, … Read More


FieldEngineer.com to Solve Supply and Demand Engineer Gap

Field Engineer is an online marketplace that connects companies with telecommunications work with the global engineers who have the skills and availability to complete them.

Finding the right person for a job is hard. Finding the field engineer with the right skills, in the right location, and who is fully vetted and available now is harder – and because the demand for more devices to be connected and through even faster networks is growing, the gap between telecommunications work and available resources to do it is only widening Following its beta release, Field Engineer (https://www.fieldengineer.com/) has today made available its online field engineer marketplace that aims to solve this problem by connecting telecommunications work with the right field engineers, on-demand.
The Field Engineer platform helps companies delivering telecommunications services, including communications service providers (CSPs), hardware manufacturers, value-added resellers (VARs), managed service providers (MSPs) and retail chains, to find the right field engineer when they need it and ensure that work is completed within their standards. With Field Engineer, they can better handle job backlogs and business expansion to locations where field resources aren’t available.
“We have entered the experience economy – a state of the labor market that values skills and know-how and presents a new model for working that brings together capable individuals with the companies that have work to do,” said Malik Zakaria, founder, and CEO of Field Engineer. “Nowhere is this opportunity more apparent than in the telecommunications industry. Through my 20 years in telecom, I’ve seen … Read More