All About PTSD – Why Is It Common With Veterans


We react to trauma differently, and some people get hit by traumatic events harder than others. The men and women serving in the military come across all manner of situations, most of which leave them shaken for life. For others, the effects fade with time. When these service men and women experience traumatic experiences frequently, it all turns into a chronic condition which we all know as the Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder – PTSD.

Defining PTSD

PTSD refers to a psychiatric disorder which occurs after exposure to a traumatic experience. Contrary to what a majority of the population thinks, PTSD affects anyone, not just the military officers in combat. In case of a serious accident, natural disaster, physical abuse, a life-threatening disease or sexual assault, the victim is likely to suffer from PTSD.

So, in simple, PTSD is the body’s psychological response after experiencing an intense event.  It can affect people of all cultures, ages, gender or professions. Therapy from a registered massage therapist may help, but there is more that should be done to manage the condition.

Though there are a lot of discussions about PTSD currently, this condition has been there for long. The first instances of PTSD were reported in Ancient Greece and during the American Civil War. Then, it has names such as Soldier’s Heart, Shell Shock, and War Neurosis. It wasn’t until 1980 that the term Post-traumatic Stress Disorder was coined.

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