When you say office stationery hundreds of different kinds come to your mind. Depending on the nature of work of your company, you would need different supplies.  In spite of the difference in the nature of work,there are certain items of office hardware that are used in all companies.. No matter how developed today’s world may be many of the traditional office stationery continues to be used by almost all the organizations.

There are a number of cheap stationery supplies and suppliers from where you can get these things. Let’s take a look at some the essential pieces of office stationery that are necessary for your work desk.


Pens are one of the most important items that need to be there on every work desk. Whether it’s meetings, conferences, presentations, or classes you would have to take down notes or sign some documents. It’s better to have at least a pack of pens both black and blue and even other colors depending on the nature of your work.


Pencils are definitely another piece of stationery that is required. You can take down quick notes and pencils lasts longer than pens. Make sure you have a sharpener along with your set of pencils.

A4 papers/ White Papers

You are able to put your thoughts in writing on a white paper. White papers also come in handy when you have to write down plans or draw diagrams. A4 papers can be used for taking printouts.


One of the essential items in an office, envelopes are necessary for sending letters, invitations, cheques brochures or business cards. We are able to send small items to various locations in an envelope and the effort required is a bare minimum.


Always be sure that you have some notepads on your desk which would help you take down urgent messages or numbers and names.


Whether it is to list points, write a paragraph or sketch a map, a notebook is quite essential for your work desk. When you are in need of a sheet of paper you have the option to tear it out from the notebook.


Staplers help you to attach a set of papers or receipts or even reports. Staplers that are large in size can be used to attach a notice or flyers or brochures on your notice board. Always keep an extra supply of staples on your desk.

Highlighter pens

A highlighter is another important piece of office stationery which lets you highlight something important in a document, book, newspaper or magazine. This is a way of saving the information you consider to be important or noteworthy.

Glue stick

Most of the organizations send letters or other documents through the mail on a daily basis. A glue stick is always a necessary item to seal an envelope.

Correction pens/tapes

Correction tape or pens help you rewrite immediately as the fluid dries quickly.

Make sure that you have all these items on your work desk.